Thursday, October 2, 2024

Early Voting : Did you know

posted by Free Press Houston @ 10:10 AM

that early voting is run by the state not by the county?
Did you know,
that the start of early voting is mandated not to change by state law?
that it is 17 days before regularly scheduled elections and 9 days before a run off?
that if the 17th day before an election falls on a weekend then the first day of early voting moves to the next business day?
that the last day to register to vote is October 6?
that the first day of early voting for the November uniform election day is October 20, 2024?
that the last day of early voting for the November 4 uniform election day is October 31?
that you can find all this and more on the Texas Secretary of State's website
that after determining when early voting begins you still have to find early voting locations?
that to find early voting locations you have to go to the Harris County Clerk's website and click the voting information tab to download a PDF of the locations?
that you can also call Beverly Kaufman's director of communication and voter outreach at 713-755-6965 for more information?


At October 2, 2024 11:50 AM , Blogger Alejandra said...

Did you know that on a History exam I recently took had an extra credit question asking who the candidates were for President and Vice President for each political party and only 9 out of 23 students got the question correct?

Are you kidding me?

At October 2, 2024 11:53 AM , Anonymous james s. said...

Holy shit! Is that a joke?


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