Friday, October 31, 2024

2nd Annual Montrose Halloween Crawl Tonight!

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Come as you aren't & join the 2nd Annual Montrose Crawl this Halloween Night, October 31st.

First get your costume on, then get your drink on as The Crawl starts at Brasil and then goes from bar to bar between Dunlavy & Montrose on Westheimer.

No covers, no tickets, plus drink specials all night long. And prizes will be awarded for the best outfits, so get into the spirit before you get into the spirits.

A grand prize from Saint Arnold Brewing Company will be awarded by this year's Grand Crawler, City of Houston Council Member and Montrose resident Sue Lovell.

The rest of the preview for this Halloweeny week 2024

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If you recovered from last night and are ready for is the rest of your Day of The Dead/post Halloween week preview. (link)

Halloween preview

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Oh daaaang! You know it's a special Halloween when Willie is in town. So given the large number of cool things goin' on, we highlight a mere six things to do tonight because..well.. six just seemed like a reasonable number. (Link)

Thursday, October 30, 2024

Announced in the same day: Us Economy shrinking YET Exxon Mobil posts biggest US quarterly profit ever

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From the Associated Press:

"HOUSTON (AP) -- Exxon Mobil Corp., the world's largest publicly traded oil company, reported income Thursday that shattered its own record for the biggest profit from operations by a U.S. corporation, earning $14.83 billion in the third quarter.

The Irving, Texas-based company has reported unprecedented back-to-back quarters, the end of the most recent coinciding with a rapid plunge in crude prices. Benchmark oil prices fell another $2.21 to $65.29 Thursday on the New York Mercantile Exchange, about 56 percent off record highs in July.

Exxon said net income jumped nearly 58 percent to $2.86 a share in the July-September period. That compares with $9.41 billion, or $1.70 a share, a year ago."

Tuesday, October 28, 2024

Sole and the Skyrider band Thursday at NUmbers w/ B-Side, The Small Sounds, and Check Other.

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Sole and the SkyRider Band's unique brand of anti-capitalist agit-hip-hop makes it way to Numbers Thursday October 30th. Releasing their 5th album to date early this year, the band have received critical acclaim for the musicality of their record and brashness of the lyrics. Known well for outstanding live shows, Sole and the SkyRider Band will be joined by locals B-Side, The Small Sounds, and Check Other.

300 Westheimer
Doors at 8:30
Just 8 Bux
All ages

Monday, October 27, 2024

Obama McCain Cover step by step

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Something Really Fierce

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Are you all with the shakes about the new Something Fierce full length as I am?

No, Not College Station's Something Fierce (pictured on the right); I mean our local kings of pop-punk. Though arguably the lead singer of the College Station version looks like she could crush Steven, Niki, and Andrew with one fist, grind their bones in the palm of her hand, eat them, and let out a victory cry that would make all the canines in the nearby area howl in fear. Umm but I digress.... The point I was getting at was that there's a preview of the album. Check it out!!! (link)

Image from


Sunday, October 26, 2024


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A historical timeline illustrates that the American Revolution put this country in debt to the tune of $75-million, which is where the graph starts on March 4, 1789 the first day of our fiscal government. By 1835 the USA had paid off that amount and for the first and only time we had no national debt. There are landmarks like 1913 and the start of the Federal Reserve and modern income tax, and the end of WWII where the graph goes into the red, where our national debt was more than 120-percent of the GDP. The percentage during the early years of the Depression was in the 40s, yet now the same percentage hovers in the 60s. (continued ...)

Saturday, October 25, 2024

HEALTH was insane-o. Freals.

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Last night's 'Hodgepodge of 100 bands' was quite the spectacle. Despite getting rained out Wednesday, gaggles of scumfucks came out to witness the performance that is HEALTH in all it's glory. Preceded by The McKenzies, B L A C K I E, Female Demand, and the Wiggins, HEALTH brought the full bore of their noise-rock shenanigans. The crowd spilled onto the stage like a soccer riot. Fights nearly broke out a dozen times. Don from Rusted Shut called HEALTH 'California Faggots from North Hollywood' (Truth be told, they are from South Hollywood). B L A C K I E made people remember why everyone is talking about him. Members of Cop Warmth conducted the mayhem much of the time. A guy on the street on the rail line was found dead. There was a schizophrenic girl randomly attacking folks and subsequently telling people exactly 'how good her pussy tastes.'Even Ryah Barazi was there telling people at the top of her lungs how she DID NOT attack Tim Dorsey for no reason at the Block Party. In fact, turns out Tim brutalized her arms with his filthy beard, shouted Portugese obscenities at her, and subsequently denied the Holocaust. Later, I took a dump down the street at the Magnolia Hotel. What a night.

This Week's Preview! For the rest of the week of Ocotber 24th 2024

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This week there is a lot going on. We have Improv at Avant Garden, A big benefit with cool bands at Caroline collective, lots of garage, one cool house party, and one man with a killer stash. Oh and Danzig's book collection is awesomesauce!!! Check it out!!! (link)

Friday, October 24, 2024

This Week's Preview! Err the preview for tonight Friday 24 October 2024

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You just got knocked the FUCK out! Friday is comin' at you like Deebo and you've got some pretty hard decisions to make fast. Do you go to the rescheduled and expanded Health show? Do you got see ex-Dead Moon folks? Do you go camping with the hardcore kids? Perhaps just chill with Artstorm early on? Or perhaps you just need a hit of Swedish metal. It's a pretty tough choice so here are some details to help you out (Link).

PS We'll have the rest of the week up for you tomorrow.

Image: 2024 New Line Cinema / Priority Films

Thursday, October 23, 2024

HEALTH rescheduled for Friday at Notsuoh

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The Wiggins
The McKenzies
Female Demand
Rusted Shut
The Krinckles

Still all ages
Still 10 bux
Still muy clutch

Wednesday, October 22, 2024


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Health, L.A.'s furious four, return tonight to headline an incredible bill (The McKenzies, The Wiggins, B L A C K I E, and Female Demand) at Numbers so we poked 'em with five questions and they poked back. (link to article)

Important announcement regarding today's early show at Sound Exchange

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A very very very important message about the show you will attend before the awesome Heath show at Numbers!! (link)

Monday, October 20, 2024

House of Blues: The Joe's Crab Shack of music venues?

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The Pièce de résistance

I made my first adventure to Houston's new House of Blues, run by the folks at Live Nation (Clear Channel), this evening to peep the new venue and watch the performance by The Ting Tings. Now I gotta say, the venue is big, clean, and the sound is GREAT. The stage is huge and the aesthetic is surely dramatic with the infinitely high ceilings and framing of the stage. There are minimum 3 bars running in perpetuity which makes getting a drink rather expedient despite a crowd of 1000 plus. Most importantly, the place was PACKED despite it being a Monday night. That surely is the best thing about it: The honeymoon with a new venue. Though sure to fade, this initial excitement is, well, exciting. Nonetheless, I gotta voice my grievances. First off, be prepared to pay to park. There is pretty much no way around it. Secondly, this venue is up 3 floors within a mega-mall type complex which solidifies it's rep as a big-box-brand venue. The security is tight yet friendly as Mike who spent 19 years running security at Numbers is greeting folks at the entrance. Now the toilets and bathroom in this joint are surely the Pièce de résistance. They are clean enough to eat off of and there is even free cologne available. No need to wash your ass before heading to the House of Blues. As for drink prices, make sure and call your bank and ask for an expanded line of credit. 1 drink + 1 shot=21 Bux! No bullshit. As for The Ting Tings, they were fun for about 7 minutes until I realized that this was turning into aerobics music. Boom-tat-boom-boom tat. Yeah. Yeah. Ting Ting. You know the story. All in all, my assessment is undecided as I am yet to see what kind of support this place will extend to the local music community on it's off nights. Will local acts have the opportunity to grace this stage often enough to make a difference. More importantly, will the local music community extend it's acceptance to such a place. Well, we will see. Anyways, they got some great acts coming so decide for yourself.Mike, former bouncer at Numbers of 19 years. A man among men.Monday night was a virtual cornucopia of scumbags. (see Dorsey)

Tim Dorsey and Pam Cantu finally together

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Japanther October 26th at Caroline Collective

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Sunday, October 19, 2024

Grassroots Media Convergence at Rice:Grassroots media convergence reminds us that we are all reporters.

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Last night a grassroots media convergence was held in the Rice Media Center. Many groups had tables and sold or gave away publications that carry information that we can't get from corporate sources. The night opened with a short education for everyone present on how to use the IndyMedia site, and the recurring theme among all the speakers was that everyone is a reporter, that this is no time to be a passive audience. On that note, the first presenter, Brian from t.e.j.a.s showed how, with a laminated card from Pacifica Radio he was able to get onto Galveston island when the residents still couldn't. Calling ourselves media gives us powers.

All of the speakers presented stories that corporate media was able to ignore until pressure from below or a convergence of events brought the information into the mainstream. Hadasa Hill of Spread magazine, for example, talked about how "Spitzer-gate" suddenly brought intense focus on sex workers. Suddenly Fox and CNN were calling their magazine looking to talk to a high priced call girl. One thing that eventually came out of the experience was a "Sex Workers 101" reference page taking a first step towards teaching the mainstream media how to speak with respect about the people who make their living in that field.

Jordan of Left Turn magazine showed some of the power in YouTube, screening videos by 2cent Productions out of New Orleans and by a group of roommates in an apartment under seige in Beirut called "From Beirut... to those who love us". It was written with a tragic but tough awareness that both "the world is watching" the bombing by Isreal, and nobody is watching, nobody is smelling the gunpowder where they are holed up hoping their water will last except them. Isolation and the possibility to share it with anyone who looks it up on the internet.

On this theme, Zinn of SOS Broadcast on the Pacifica network (Wednesdays 3-5 on 90.1) pointed to the real key: PROMOTION. If we're just reading each other's magazines and they aren't getting distributed, it doesn't move our movements.

Jesse Mohammad of Final Call talked about the ground-level organizing around the Jena 6 that began long before any major public figure was involved. Eventually the major networks realized that, while they had initially been able to say "not our problem" about the incident, the grassroots organization around it had made it too big of a story to ignore. Of course, once the giants did begin to get involved, the families found themselves pulled between a bunch of egos fighting about what famous people were going to hold what signs and stand by which parents. It created division. The Jena 6 story held a major message of hope because of the power of "regular people" organizing, but also a warning that once it goes big, we have to be prepared to wield our power without falling in a trap. He went on to describe a recent and terrible incident, the dragging death of Brandon McClelland in Paris, TX. Again, the early coverage by grassroots movements forced the mainstream media to cover a story they thought they could sweep under the rug by focusing solely on Ike, letting the government pay for the funeral and get him in the ground fast. He cautioned, "This is nothing to play with. Information is warfare." And so, don't let success go to your head and don't fear failure. "It ain't you-- it's something else that's in you."

His final word before the night wrapped up was that if there's no follow-up, there's no movement. We have to keep the pressure on and find ways to act to take control of the narratives that everyone is hearing.

Free Tickets to FunFunFun Fest, Cheech and Chong, and Rise Against will be randomly given away at door to HEALTH on Wednesday@! Numbers !

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Friday, October 17, 2024

This Week's Music Preview - October 17th, 2024

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It's deadline day here at the Free Press. That's where we pull the bait and switch on Omar by sending him an LOL Cat that will amuse him long enough to buy us some time on our current butchery of the English language. I've got one paragraph to go on my article but I think the image on the right will buy me a couple of hours. Nevertheless, despite deadlines, I still have your weekly preview of music related events for you to peruse at your leisure. Enjoy. There is a lot of good stuff gon' down. (Link)

Thursday, October 16, 2024

Band Camp - or should we say poseur camp

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Yes, Band Camp is this Sunday but what kind of discussions will they present? Will they take a cold hard look at the music scene here in Houston or will it be just another excuse for Coach Springer to score free beer. Well, we here have looked at their list of soft-ball topics. How to put out your own CD? How to promote yourself? Getting the city to recognize its own artists? All worthless jabber that will accomplish nothing! Therefore, we are planning our own camp where we will discuss the hard hitting topics that Band Camp could never handle. (Link)

BandCamp starts Sunday at Caroline Collective

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This Sunday, supporters of the Houston music scene will come together at the caroline Collective for a series of presentations, roundtables, and discussions about improving the cohesion and scope of the local music scene. FPH will be in attendance and we encourage anyone interested in advancing the music community in Houston to come through and put in your 2 cents. Here is the brief synopsis according to the organizers:

"What is BandCamp About? Music, Musicians, Artists, Bands, marketing and promoting your band, booking a tour, dos and don'ts, selling your music online/offline, old guard vs new guard, etc.

There are several goals to Bandcamp. First, to deliver tools to Houston musical artists that will allow them to more effectively practice their craft. Second, to open lines of communication between all members and levels of the Houston Music Community. Finally, it is our goal to cohere and direct the Houston music community towards a path that will allow us to gain national recognition for the talent and expertise of the musicians and genres sprouting up and fostered in Houston.

We hope to accomplish these goals through an open forum and discussion about the music scene in Houston occurring between musicians, artists, the people who service them, booking agents, club owners, recording studios, and the press which writes about the music scene. We additionally plan to hold how-to sessions for artists and members of the Houston music industry to bring us all up to a level of shared knowledge in such skills as booking, recording, merchandising, online/offline promotion, touring, management and licensing."

Date October 19, 2024
Time 12:00 P.M. til 5:00 P.M.
Location Caroline Collective
Cost FREE! Sign up below.
Format Presentations, round tables, conversations
Estimated Attendance 150-200

Wednesday, October 15, 2024

3 people have parked on my lawn!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2024

Awesome Color

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Awesomesauce Michigan power-up trio Awesome Color bring their heavy-ass shit to the Mink tonight so we hit 'em up with five questions. (Link)

Photography by Stefano Giovannini

Monday, October 13, 2024

Westheimer Block Party 2024 - Recap

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There was laughin' singin'and music swingin' -Dancin' in the street! In other words another block party. I don't think any one person could have covered everything but here is a feeble attempt to capture at least part of Saturday's festivities. (link).

Sunday, October 12, 2024

Thanks Houston!

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Allahuakbaaaaar! That was such a clutch-tastical Block party yesterday! At one point, I really felt as if we opened Pandora's Box when I saw a man with a shopping cart with Christmas lights on it that was surrounded by about 40 people dancing and climbing the Metro stop. There were more people, more great shows, and more joyful/disturbing moments than any Block Party past. For one brief, brief millisecond... it felt like Mardi Gras. We always come up short on thanking people and I am gonna be a touch over zealous here as I want you readers to know the folks in the community that bring you such a great FREE music and arts fest. If you see any of them, I encourage you to extend your gratitude because they do not for fiscal gain but just build community and keep arts and music on the streets of Montrose.

Thanks to:
Mark and Shelby Martin
(The Hidden Hand behind the Block Party)
George at GJG Productions
Paul Holzhauer
...My Muse
Zero and Wassi
Kerry Melohnson
JD from Secret Saturday Shows
Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl Shelby Hohl
Jeff Storm Jeff Storm Jeff Storm Jeff Storm
Tim Dorsey
Ramon Medina
Tyler Barber
Brittany Bly
Mills McCoin
Andrea Afra
Amy Simon
and the rest of the FPH staph
ADR, Dusti Rhodes, Matt Wettergreen, Marlo Blue, Jeremy from SCR,
for helpin' spread that word
Mariana, Rudy, Eduardo, Wes Wallace, Delinda, and all the other property managers
Jacob Calle! Motherfucker!
Giant Battle Monster
Donny Hall for the AMAZING commercial
Alexandre Rosa
Frank Zwee
Ali Nahhas from Aladdin ( Best hummos in town)


The more than 104 bands that came to play for free
just because they love to play music. There has been this silly narrative in other publications, on message boards, and blogs about some ostensible lack of the presence of a music scene in Houston. However- Anyone at yesterday's Block Party could NEVER make such an assertion in the face of thousands of people getting down for so many bands. People are hungry! They just need art and music 'contextualized' in the right way.
Anyways, all the bands really WENT HARD and put on grrreat performances and if you see em' on the streets, thank them.

Friday, October 10, 2024

Click your way through the Block Party Artists

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Tomorrow is the ever awesomesauce Block Party for which I'd meant to point out some of my favorites but manners being what they are it'd be simply rude to only highlight my personal favorites when Omar was so good in inviting all these fine bands. So therefore instead I am providing you with a chronological list of who is playing from which you can click to the bands' Myspace so as to preview them if you wish. Sure I could have put some description but jeez with 60+ bands it took me over an hour just to sort by time, search, copy , and paste. So minimal as it is, I hope it is useful. (Link)

Thursday, October 9, 2024

This Week's Music Preview - October 10th, 2024

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Glorious Leader would like all citizens of Montrose to attend Block Party. All form of glory will befall those who attend and Block Party will shine like beacon in troubled times bringing joy to all comrades. Citizens not attending Block Party will be deemed non-clutch by glorious leader and weaksauce by self.

Yet, Glorious leader is not all vanity. No. Glorious leader wishes to share celebratory week and so... information on other music for week. Behold (Link)

Wednesday, October 8, 2024

Sacred dance at Rothko Chapel

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The Rothko Chapel presents Tewa Dancers from the North, a family ensemble of Pueblo Native American dancers, in two performances, on October 10 at 7 in the evening. and October 11 at 1 in the afternoon. Their celebratory dances, performed in authentic costumes and with traditional drums, will take place on the plaza in front of the Chapel. ... continued

Monday, October 6, 2024

Block Party Map and Stage Guide

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Music Review - Quintron / Golden Triangle & Exterminating Angels

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What the fuck is with that guy on the right? Oh that's some fucked up puppet dude from Friday night's show. While I missed the super cool looking Nosferatu screening with Golden Arm Trio and the Something Fierce generator house party, I did manage to catch some great performances and, yes, piss off Miss Pussycat. Now that's something ya don't see everyday. (Link)

Sunday, October 5, 2024

Parallax View best conspiracy film ever

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The Parallax View, a 70s film starring Warren Beatty and directed by Alan Pakula, may well be the ultimate conspiracy film of all time. On Monday nights in October the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston screens political themed films including a couple of my favorite conspiracy films.
Let's just review the historical record concerning assassination in America. The Parallax View compels the audience to confront inconsistencies in the Warren Commission and the assassinations of President John Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy, not to mention Nobel Peace Prize winner Martin Luther King. The Parallax View came out in 1974. You've all heard of the Zapruder film no doubt? Well that film in its entirety was never shown to the American public until 1975, and by no less than ABC correspondent Geraldo Rivera on a show called Good Night America. Up until then the only glimpse people had of the Zapruder film were single frames printed in magazines. Another film, Executive Action (1973) questioned the number of witnesses to the JFK assassination who'd died and explored the intelligence community's covert use of black operations. The Parallax View may be the most important film you see this year.
Pakula and ace cinematographer Gordon Willis stage the opening murder to mirror (cont.)


Thursday, October 2, 2024

Early Voting : Did you know

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that early voting is run by the state not by the county?
Did you know,
that the start of early voting is mandated not to change by state law?
that it is 17 days before regularly scheduled elections and 9 days before a run off?
that if the 17th day before an election falls on a weekend then the first day of early voting moves to the next business day?
that the last day to register to vote is October 6?
that the first day of early voting for the November uniform election day is October 20, 2024?
that the last day of early voting for the November 4 uniform election day is October 31?
that you can find all this and more on the Texas Secretary of State's website
that after determining when early voting begins you still have to find early voting locations?
that to find early voting locations you have to go to the Harris County Clerk's website and click the voting information tab to download a PDF of the locations?
that you can also call Beverly Kaufman's director of communication and voter outreach at 713-755-6965 for more information?

Music Preview for the week of 03, September 2024

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Well here it is Thursday and everyone is psyched about the VP debates. Me, I'm prepared to cringe through an evening of Palin hitting her rehearsed points then running out the clock while Biden will surely talk and talk and talk as if there isn't a clock at which point I'll wonder "Isn't there a new Chowder on over at Cartoon Network?" Let's face it folks, this is nothing more than a political WWF match which, should you tune in, I suggest you accompany with copious amounts of alcohol. Seriously, if you are still hemming and hawing about who you are voting for at this point, you either just came out of a coma or you are nutters.

Whatevs! Thankfully elections, bailouts, hurricanes, and looming economic collapses are powerless for, much like a classic Village People film, you simply Can't Stop the Music. Damn straight (no pun intended) my campy 70's disco friends! Hell, this week we have the return of Dansparc, vampire films, old school punk and noise, Cactus takes on a full day of music, Pop, metal, hardcore... you name it... even Laurie Anderson pops into Houston this week. (Link)

Wednesday, October 1, 2024

This month in the Free Press - PLF

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This Month we feature Grindcore masters PLF on the eve of their European tour. Read more in the Music Section. (Link)

Photo by Rosa Guerrero

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