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Spot The Local Music Crumudgeon - Feb 28 2024

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The shit going down last week was most assuredly our 5th anniversary party. I came in during The Sideshow Tramps' set which was incredible. Live, when they get their hillbilly shit on, the Sideshow Tramps are one of the best bands you could ever imagine seeing. Ever had a party that felt could never end and the beer would flow endlessly? That pretty much sums up their set at Super Happy last Saturday. Well, except that the party did end in the form of the Fire Marshall.

Yup after about 20 minutes of awesomeness, the band announced quite matter-of-factly that the party was over and that SHFL was being shut down for the evening. The band and the audience took the whole thing in stride and it was an orderly if disappointing end of the evening for many folks. When I asked the fire marshall what was going on, he said SHFL couldn't operate until after the had passed their March 4th fire inspection. I told him that I thought SHFL had a temporary license in place to which he looked pretty perplexed. He explained that there are no temporary licenses - you've either have passed the inspection or you haven't - it's not just about determining capacity but also inspecting wiring, making sure they have adequate safety measures in place and so on. So while he admitted that he knew he'd ruined people's evening, to him, this was a safety issue. Throughout the closure, the SHFL people were gracious, cooperative, and understanding. Speaking to Brian and Olivia, it seemed to me that what had happened was a simple and honest misunderstanding of how these things work and that clearly they thought they were doing everything on the up and up.

So, I say, consider this one a a freebie folks. The new space looks amazing and it's only a short break in the action until the inspection, so buck-up folks. The SHFL people and Omar should be proud of an enjoyable evening whose vibes were so good and happy that that not even a shut-down could bring people down. That's a success in my book.


Sun., March 2 -

Rudz Bike Bonanza, featuring

Spain Colored Orange, Bring Back the Guns, & Bright Men of Learning
@ Rudyard's
(Doors at 4pm bands at 7:30)

Well Jeez where to start!!!! Bike swap meet, cycling side events, beer from Real Ale and New Belgium, kick ass bands and all proceeds benefit The Third Ward Bike Shop. Jeez you know these bands like the back of your hand by now, don't you? Do I really need to tell you about the horn driven pop of SCO, the agressive Rube Goldberg indie pop of BBTG, or the laid-back rootsy indie pop of BMOL? No of course not. You know they rock, so this is a no-brainer. What's there not to like? For More information click here (link)


Fri., February 29 -
/ Resigned to Fate /Vorvadoss /P.L.F. /Rapid Response /Ale Gore
@ Dead Baby Distro
2502 Leland
$3.00 8PM

Blast beats, machine gun precise guitars, and C is For Cookie vocals - the Hulk crushes entire armies to sound of PLF!.

Fri., February 29 -
The Western Civilization / Papermoons / Another Run

@ Walter's on Washington

(doors 8PM; $7)

180 degrees from the crushing brutality of PLF is the lovely guitars and harmonies of the Paprmoons.

Fri., February 29 -
Avant Disco, featuring
Ceeplus Bad Knives, PRKL8R, Juan the Terrible, & Miss Teak

@ The AvantGarden

DJ's Dancing - you know the score.

Sat., March 1 -
The Monocles / Send Help / I Kill Cars / Lazy Horse
@ The G.R.A.B. (809 Pierce)
Monocles = garage awesomeness

Sat., March 1 -
The Drunks / The Flamin' Hellcats / Bones

@ Rudyard's

Drunks = Drunken awesomeness.

Sat., March 1 -
Saturday secret Shows
@ the Shady Tavern
Yeah You know. that thing!

Sun., March 2 -
108 /
The Jonbenet / Bitter End / Fight Pretty / Seeker
@ Walter's on Washington (early show, 3PM!)
JonBenet is proof heaviness can be both stupid and clever.

Mon., March 3 -
Built To Spill / The Meat Puppets

@ Warehouse Live

Gimme Indie Rock!

Mon., March 3 -
Wicked Poseur / Aunt Dracula
@ Boondocks

Gimme Low Fi New Wave!

Tues., March 4 -
Future Blondes / Voidmate / TENSE / A Pink Cloud
@ Jet Lounge

Ok I think Domokos is in three out of four of these bands. Can you figure out which one he's not in?

Thurs., March 6 -
The Love Me Nots /
Born Liars / Black Black Gold
@ Rudyard's

Born Liars are one of the best live garage bands out there.

Thurs., March 6 -
They Might Be Giants / Oppenheimer

@ The Meridian

Nerd Rockers Unite!

Thurs., March 6 -
Beach House / Papercuts / Inoculist

@ Walter's on Washington

Beach House, you may have heard of these guys.

Thurs., March 6 -
Nosaprise / Free Radicals / I and I
@ Notsuoh
Jazzy Funky adn Improvised - that pretty much covers Free radicals


This Week's selection by Nation of Amanda.

Art Auction Benefit for SHFL Friday

posted by Free Press Houston @ 12:32 PM

Friday 8pm @ 3400 Montrose

Well, for those of you who came to our 5 Year Anniversary blow-out and had an insane-o time until the fire marshalls shut it down, you would know our friends at Super happy Fun land are battling the leviathan that is the City and it's dang Municipal Ordinances. Safety-Schmafetey!Anyways, Brian and Olivia at SHFL sure could use your help and damn well deserve it as one of the only places in the city that hosts live underground music just about 7 days a week. Show some love.

This is just in from Brian from Super Happy:

Hey folks, we finalized the location for our art auction benefit. It will be at
the GLBT Community Center at 3400 Montrose Suite #207 on the second floor of
the same building that the Sky Bar is in (right by that Kroger on Montrose near
Westheimer). The auction will start at 8pm on Friday March 29th, and will
feature entertainment by Indian Jenny, Poopy Lungstuffing, and more TBA, as
well as food, drinks, and lots of great art for sale cheap! This event will
benefit the Super Happy Fun Land occupancy permit fund. We are still looking
for more people to donate art, performance, time/labor, food, drinks, and of
course cash is always good too. If you would like to donate art or help out,
give us a call at 713-880-2100 or email us on MySpace or at , or you can donate money directly via PayPal to


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Westheimer Block Party April 12

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It Pays to be Bilingual

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Tuesday, February 26, 2024

Taxi to the Dark Side

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Alex Gibney opened his previous film, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room with a glossy recreation of a suicide in a nice car. In Taxi to the Dark Side Gibney concludes the film with a high tone sequence that shows the buildings of power in Washington D.C. cruising past in the background with a prominent taxi sign on top of a cab dominating the foreground. Gibney uses his imagery with style and he backs up his sleek look with facts and figures that reveal a morass of corruption.
Taxi to the Dark Side takes an unblinking look at torture and its use in the current conflict in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. The film is bracketed with the story of one innocent Afghan who was mistaken ... rest of story here

Saturday, February 23, 2024

4 reasons 4 obama

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I'm both voting and caucusing for Obama. Here's why:
  1. Inclusion- Obama has a proven track record for creating a broad electoral coalition and being able to reach across partisan divisions to work in legislative consensus with Republicans and Independents. Both are essential for this country to effectively turn the page after George Bush. In presenting her credentials, Hillary Clinton never fails to reference her capacity for taking on Republicans in a fight. She has also never once demonstrated a capacity for transcending those fights.
  2. Accountability- Obama has consistently pushed for greater transparency in government. A principal reason why Hillary Clinton failed as her husband's 'health care czar' is that she insisted on formulating her plan behind closed doors--up to the point of excluding members of congress within her own party from deliberations. The Clintons refuse to release their tax returns or make public the documentary evidence of Hillary's supposed 'experience' gained during her husband's presidency. One of the most troubling aspects of George Bush's presidency has been the degree to which he has made secret what goes on in the White House. There is no evidence to suggest that a second Clinton presidency would reverse this trend.
  3. Electability- With the exception of Arkansas and New York, every primary that Hillary Clinton has won has been by a thin margin based on the Democratic Party's core constituency. Every one of the primaries and caucuses that Barack Obama has won has been a landslide victory. Hillary Clinton enters the general election race with the highest name recognition and highest negatives of any politician in America. Short of improbable landslide victories in every remaining Democratic contest for the nomination, it is impossible for her to achieve the Democratic nomination without resorting to back-room deals and chicanery, the net result of which would be to cause the voters who have been turning out in droves to support Obama to sit out the general election--while Republicans and right-leaning Independents, united in their contempt for Clinton, turn out in droves.
  4. Change- It isn't just a campaign slogan. The day that a brown-skinned man with an African surname and an Arabic middle name takes an oath to "...execute the Office of President of the United States, and ... preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States..." the perception of America changes utterly--both in the World's eyes and to America itself. While electing a woman president would also be a landmark event, the implications are not as great--particularly not on the world stage, particularly not with regard to this woman.

America and the world need a fundamental break from the practices and policies that resulted in and are exemplified by George W. Bush. Barack Obama would be this country's first truly 21st century president, someone with the multicultural background and broad understanding to heal the many divisions that exist between America and the rest of the world, as well as those within America itself.

Hillary Clinton voted to authorize and has failed to show the slightest shred of remorse for what she continues to call "George Bush's War." That inability to admit error and failure to show judgment that surpasses political expediency squarely places her along side George Bush--stuck in a "post 9/11 mindset" that cannot possibly transcend the promises and failures of the 20th Century.

America and the world have an absolute need for moral and political leadership that will lead us forward... and that's why I'm voting for Barack Hussein Obama.


Friday, February 22, 2024

This just in - Wicked Poseur gets all artsy

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Just got word of this opening. If tonight's art opening doesn't kill you (link) then tomorrow's will finish you off for sure.

Thursday, February 21, 2024

FRIDAY--Gulf Coast Underground Art: The Hardcore, Grindcore and Metal scene

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photo by Rosa Guerrero

Remember the time that Hulk Hogan and Randy the Macho Man teamed up under the name of the 'Superpowers'? Well, this is a whole lot like that except minus the red spandex. This one night exhibit features that fantabulous photography of Rosa Guerrero and insane-o tedious drawings of Daniel "Sawblade" Shaw. Rosa has been a fixture of the local scene for some time and is the creator of a clutch new foto-zine called Ditchwater, which is available at Domy Books, and if you have not seen Shaw's finely detailed punk-flyer art, prepare to be wowie-zowied. This is a free show at Sound Exchange who has been slangin' music round these parts since 1977. It shall be a glory unto the ages. Be there.

Friday the 22nd
Richmond @ Hazard
Free but bring money to buy cool shit at Sound Exchange

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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - Feb 21st (Free Press Birthday Party Edition)

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No recap this week my friends. While I did score a CD-R from Jenny Westbury (it is awesomeness) and I do have to run by Sound Exchange today and grab a copy of Dull Knife #4 and clear out my hold shelf (Peter Brotzman and Barkhard if you must know), it's been a week bereft of booze and bands. Even curmudgeons need a break.


Sat., February 23 -
Free Press 5 Year Anniversary Clutch-time Scheizzer, featuring
Sideshow Tramps, Studemont Project, Ceeplus Bad Knives, Piano Vines, H-Town Zillionaires, & The Free Press Houston Clutch-time Orchestra
@ Super Happy Fun Land ($8)
Yeah, we turn 5 and throw ourselves a party and where else but the new deluxe and swanky Super Happy Fun Land on Polk. Omar and and his henchmen have been working hard using death threats and blackmail to get some of their favorite acts to play and it seems that their hard work has paid off. You pretty much know the cast: The Tramps have been local favorites for a while now and they can bring the party just about anywhere, Studemenot Project are readying for their apprearance at SXSW next month, Ceeplus is one of Houston's most ubiquitous DJs, Space City Rock has been raving about Piano Vines, Johnathan Welch of Million Year Dance (also making appearing at SXSW) fame will also be performing, and H-Town Zillionaires will bring the crunk. I don't know why but I am in total fear of the Free Press Houston Clutch Time Orchestra and Omar breaking out into Phil Collins songs.


Friday, February 22 -
Awake, Kvalla, Potbelly
@ Rudyard's
Danny Mee (Jonx drummer extraordinaire, KTRU Mutant hardcore Flower Hour co-host, and sometime writer for the Houston Press) is getting ready to leave us for Austin. I'd been meaning to catch Kvalla solely based on his drumming but that may not be happening to my disappointment. nevertheless you should head on out - the guy is incredible and Houston will miss his ceaseless energy and creativity. (Fear not Jonx fans, the Jonx will live as a Houston/Austin band.) I also have to give some props to Awake who I saw open up for Jesu and they put on a great show of slow melodic dirges somewhere between Codeine and Earth - pretty sweet stuff.

Fri., February 22
The Mighty Orq (CD release), Tody Castillo, James Reese Band
@ The Meridian (Red Room)
The blues-rock Mighty Orq have a new CD that they are quite excited about. The pop stylings of Tody Castillo will precede.

Sat., February 23 -
Rebel Crew/Joe B/U.N.T./Karina/606/Suma/ill-Set/Kool B
@ The AvantGarden
Daaaaaaaaaaamn! Hey, Magic 8 Ball, Will there be much bootie shakin'?
"All signs point to yes!"
Thank you Magic 8 Ball.

Sat., February 23 -
The Hungry Villagers
@ Notsuoh
I saw Abe of Hungry Villagers perform with Wols and his guitar playing was simply gorgeous. I'd been stoked to see them ever since.

Tues., February 26 -
NOFX, No Use For A Name, The Flatliners, Latch Key Kids, The Hates
@ Warehouse Live
Hey that band with that guy with the hair and the Vespa! Yeah them! They're playing with that NOFX band.

Tues., February 26 -
Aunt Dracula/The Wiggins/Wicked Poseur/Bully Pulpit
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Despite the awful name Philadelphia's Aunt Dracula make some great Neo-psychedelia that put that crappy Outback Steakhouse houseband to shame. But wait that's not all!! They've also pitted the brilliance of one man dance party The Wiggins against the awesomeness of two man dance party Wicked Poseur - let the blood bath begin! Bonus is Bully Pulpit opening - I was just (I shit you not) wondering where'd they gone off to. What rat bastards booked this show on a weeknight?!

Hey lookee, it's a new subsection celebrating fine poster art. (I'm no art critic but I know what I like). This week's awesomesauce poster is by Daniel Shaw for tomorrow night's art opening at Sound Ex..

Monday, February 18, 2024

This Saturday! Come celebrate 5 Years of Free Press w/Medicine Show, Piano Vines, Studemont @ New SHFL

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Come help Free Press celebrate 5 Years of quasi-journalism at the brand spankin' new Super Happy Fun Land (3801 Polk) on February 23rd. Performances by Medicine Show (Sideshow Tramps), Studemont Project,Piano Vines, Jonathon from Million Year Dance, the Free Press Clutch-time Orchestra. Beware of impromptu performances of 'Against all odds', 'Sweet Child of Mine', or 'I wanna know what love is'. Doors open at 7:00! Just 8 bux!

Saturday, February 16, 2024

Grandma take me home

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A photo exhibit consisting of fairy tales, grandmothers and elevator girls holds more than your interest. This exhibition practically grabs you by the collar and demands reciprocal appreciation. That would be due to the extreme beauty and visionary insight afforded by the images on display.
Miwa Yanagi: Deutsche Bank Collection contains major pieces from this Japanese photographer .... read the rest here

Obama in Houston on Tuesday

posted by Free Press Houston @ 4:14 PM

Love him, hate him, or don't care; this is certainly gonna be big shits.

The event is free and open to the public, but tickets are required. I thought you might want to come.

For more information and to RSVP:

Here are the details:

Stand for Change Rally with Barack Obama

Toyota Center
1510 Polk Street
Houston, TX

Tuesday, February 19, 2024
Doors Open: 6:00 p.m.

Friday, February 15, 2024

George Romero interview

posted by Free Press Houston @ 8:21 AM

The world is a nicer place to live with Night of the Living Dead established as a classic horror film, just as the world spins smoother with works like Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein or Bram Stoker’s Dracula as literary anecdotes to ward off the onset of ennui in its various forms. All the imitators can come and go, and maybe some of them leave a mark, but George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead has never been surpassed as a zombie flick unless it was Romero doing the overtaking.
Night of the Living Dead was not the first zombie movie. In the 1940s there were titles like Zombies Over Broadway and I Walked With A Zombie. “Don’t forget White Zombie,” reminds Romero about the 1932 Bela Lugosi movie. “Classic films are the ones that hold up.” Speaking exclusively to Free Press Houston by phone ... read the rest here

Thursday, February 14, 2024

Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - February 14th Edition <3 <3 <3

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 7:08 AM

Well, as planned I sat on my ass this week - mostly. I got a hall pass from my band and went off to see Hearts of Animals open for Nat Baldwin of Dirty Projectors which was a hoot from beginning to end. The opening act, Whiskey Priest, played some nice acoustic stuff - well sung and performed but his lyrics could have used a few less clichés. Still a good performance and the fellow on the electric guitar accompanying him had some really sweet slide work - very moody and ambient. Hearts of Animals played a rip roaring set and I think I'd somehow had enough Stellas by that point where I was pretty much stoned on booze which made for an interesting aural experience - kind of like sitting in your room with headphones with your bong at hand. The HOA power book was out for the count so she was relying on her Casio to fully back-up her guitar and voice which actually made for a pretty intimate and stripped down performance. She even played a new song which, to my amusement, used the Trio "Da-Da-Da" Casio beat. Awesome and wonderful! Last up was Nat Baldwin and his ensemble who played with the dexterity and wit of a jazz improv band. If you are like me and thought all the hype over the Dirty Projectors' Black Flag album was a bit much, that the album was better in concept than in execution and, that it was more quaint and precious than emotionally gripping; you may be surprised by Nat Baldwin. His performance was everything I expected from the Dirty Projectors but they never delivered- Baldwin performance was immediate, playful, clever, and most of all not at all self-aware but very natural. So a fun night, good crowd, and hell it was Rudz which is always goodness. Bad news is I had to sleep my way through work the following day and when I got home I fell right asleep and missed Dead Meadow with Sharks and Sailors at the Mink. Such is the price one pays for going out on a weekday.


Mon., February 18 -
Tambersauro, Calabi Yau, Eat Grapes, Hear You Me
@ Notsuoh

Tambersauro are a scream and I think this is their first Houston show in quite some time. Their drummer, Lance Higdon, is a beast and the band usually is set up center stage with his back facing the audience so you can see his every manic move. The band does prog with all the vim, vigor , and thrilling time changes that you'd expect from the genre but with a sharp compositional skill that makes their songs actually go somewhere and not simply rely on musical dexterity. YYZ? Picture that but, like, crazy! Uh yeah, I guess you could make the Rush comparison except without the bad 2112 outfits and the freaking Ayn Rand lyrics. Also on the bill is Eat Grapes which is always worthy of your time.


Thurs., February 14 -
Grant Hart
@ The Continental Club
Hey, it's something to Husker

Fri., February 15 -
CEX/Extraman, Satin Hooks, Maidenstorm, Lewis Ladder
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Two words you need to know - Satin Hooks. Catch them now before their newest drummer has an unfortunate gardening accident.

Fri., February 15
Queensryche, Don Dokken
@ Warehouse Live
Get all your sucking out of the way this year in one place on one night. Or alternately you could go and find out if these bands are as awful or worse than you remeber them being back in the 80's.

Sat., February 16 -
Know Your Idols, featuring
Bad Brains (by Eye Against),
Jimi Hendrix (by Amplified Heat),
Kiss (by Hell City Kings),
Mötley Crüe (by American Terrorists),
Black Sabbath (by Dead End Lake),
Iron Maiden (by Until Dawn),
Mötörhead (by The Drunks),
David Bowie (by Morgue City),
At the Drive-In (by Jalambo Chispa),
Melvins (by Whorehound),
Tears for Fears (by Mechanical Boy), &
Adolescents (by Dicky Hands)
@ The Meridian
Jesus, could that list be any longer? I'm putting my money down on Amplified Heat and Whorehound.

Sat., February 16 -
Spain Colored Orange, The Drawing Board, Paris Falls
@ Rudyard's
This feels so Deja Vu. Didn't SCO play with Paris Falls recently? No worries it should still be cool.

Mon., February 18 -
The Riot Before, O Pioneers!!!, Altus, The American Sharks, Molotov Compromise
@ The White Swan
Word is that Papermoons are backing up Eric HeartsU of O Pioneers. That should be a pretty sweet pairing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2024

Death and shit like that

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Local artist YAR is hosting some crunk stylings at our favorite book store on friday. Death and shit like that. I am on it. Like tater-tots.

Friday February 15th
1709 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77098
(713) 523-3669

Tuesday, February 12, 2024

Download These Gems: hidden treasures on your Xbox 360/PlayStation 3

posted by Free Press Houston @ 1:13 PM

By Tyler Barber

With several huge titles like Grand Theft Auto IV, Fall Out 3 and Burnout Paradise coming to consoles in '08, I made it my New Year's resolution to pay more attention to the smaller guys. Both the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 offer smaller, downloadable games created by smaller development teams, and in some cases, by a single person. These are the games your girlfriend will actually play with you. Xbox Live Arcade, and the PlayStation Network house these little titles, and if you're not too accustomed to surfing your console's dashboard, you may have yet to notice the wealth of inexpensive gaming gems offered. Below I've compiled a list of stand-out titles out now, and ones on the horizon.

Multiplatform (Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network)

Bionic Commando Rearmed - Spring 08
The second-most exciting arcade game to come out this year, (see below for the first) is the remake of the NES classic, Bionic Commando. If you don't remember, Bionic Commando was an excellent adventure game that gave you a bionic arm to swing from ledges, cross gaps, and nab out of reach ammo. For Rearmed we get a superb graphical overhaul with fluid animation and dynamic lighting. A few new abilities -- like grabbing and throwing barrels and baddies, and tossing grenades -- bring some minty-freshness to the game. For the first time two-player co-op will give you some the much needed reinforcements for this excellent remake.

Click here for full story

Monday, February 11, 2024

Educate Yourself; Texas Political Primary

posted by b.s. @ 3:25 PM

Political news from across the state... HERE.

Sunday, February 10, 2024

Where Clouds Disperse

posted by Free Press Houston @ 10:35 PM

When artist Suh Se-ok, in his 70s, introduced his exhibit to a group assembled at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston he spoke softly. Suh Se-ok also paints with a large brush. In fact the bamboo brush he wields in a video seen as part of the Where Clouds Disperse exhibit is nearly four feet long, and the bristles laced at the top are bound lamb hair.
Large mulberry or rice paper panels painted by Suh Se-ok in a calligraphy style surround the viewer both as serious art and as a kind of representation of abstract figures. The video shows him in his studio itself a work of art, a country house with many windows for sun and surrounded by trees and brush for solace of the soul.
The exhibit “continues the museum’s initiative to bring emphasis to Asian art,” remarks MFAH director Peter Marzio. In fact last December the MFAH opened a Korean gallery in the museum’s Law Building that houses artifacts from Neolithic ceramics to Buddhist art from the Three Kingdoms period. Marzio points out that Korean art is more expensive than comparable Asian pieces from the same era in Japan or China because there is less of it. Whenever Korea was invaded throughout history the conquerors would sublimate the Korean culture.
There is a “thunder when the artist puts his brush to the canvas” concurs museum curator of prints and drawings Barry Walker about the various images of Suh Se-ok. Many of the works bear the same name; no less than 23 are titled People. Then there’s Two People and the signature piece Where Clouds Disperse where the brush strokes seem to move in from the edges to the clear void of the middle. An X may be a stroke of ink but more likely it is a person as indicated by hints of irregularity in the form of the crossed stroked. Maybe it is even us looking back at our own image.

Friday, February 8, 2024

Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - Belated February 8th Edition

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:30 PM

Sorry, if I'm a bit late this week - work's been a bear.

Goodbye Proletariat

Friday was a blast. Cop Warmth played a good set. I have to admit though I miss Leah on vocals. The juxtaposition of her paranoia set against Craig and Zllatan's hyperactive/spastic guitar and drums were always priceless. I don't think I'd seen a band that made stage fright so charming since Ms. Carriage and the Casual Tease. Oh Pioneers ripped through a great set of the aggressive and melodic with Chris Ryan showing everyone why he'll be sorely missed backing up Eric on the kit. Whorehound was a big surprise as John's voice was gone. You'd have thought that no vocals would have been a handicap but it only highlighted the heaviness of the band. Picture a whole set that sounds like the galloping second half of Into The Void by Black Sabbath and you'll have a pretty good idea how great they were. The night closed with the Fatal Flying Guilloteens who played a solid set, knocked my camera right out of my hands and onto the floor, and generally tore-up the place (see picture). Typical FFG mayhem but, unfortunately, the testosterone was too much for some and a few fights broke out which were more tedious and distracting than anything else.

Saturday, you knew there was something special happening when the line to get in wrapped around the block. Everyone was in a great mood and the atmosphere was that of the most celebratory wake ever. By the time Elaine Greer began, the place had Fire Code Violation written all over it. Greer's set was lovely and the band really enhanced the songs. I particularly liked Nick Cody's understated guitar work. Hearts of Animals followed up with the unexpected back-up from the Dimes who tore through Lost in The Translation like nobody's business. Nice dual guitar leads by Cley and Mlee on the solo by the way. The rest of the HOA set was, to quote Ben Murphey "On Fire!" By the way, HOA was having her 7" release show that night - I got #3! The Dimes then followed and ripped through their set with Mlee Suprean returning the favor by adding her vocals and guitar to the festivities. The Dimes have been killing again since their last Grey Ghost entry and this only went to highlight that the band sounds as fresh and rejuvenated as ever - if they could just get that damn follow up record done! Kudos by the way to DJs ADR and BDM for keeping the party going. Now, here is an odd thing - Fiery Furnaces felt, to me, an afterthought. They were good, don't get me wrong, and I enjoyed them live much more than recorded but here is the thing about the show - the bands that played before knew the club and understood the significance of the evening which that carried over to the audience. The Proletariat meant something to those bands and the audience that it couldn't have meant to Fiery Furnaces. Simply put, this evening belonged to Denise and her beloved Proletariat and, for once and deservedly so, the club overshadowed the headliner. Farewell little dive we will miss you.

Gimme Indie Rock Improv!

Wed., February 13 -
Rob Cambre, David Dove, Jawwaad Taylor Trio
@ Super Happy Fun Land

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Hey, there is that great show Friday at the Mink, The Hearts of Animals/Nick Baldwin show Tuesday at Rudyard’s, and the Dead Meadow/Sharks and Sailors show on Wednesday at The Mink. Why are you spotlighting an improv show? Well, first, it's an interesting Trio. David Dove's Trombone has always been inspiring. I remember once where a stray dog had come in and started barking at a show. Most musicians would have been thrown off by the barking but Dave instead used the intrusion on his performance and began barking back at the dog through his Trombone. That's just the kind of clever and playful stuff that I love about improvisational music. Despite its chin scratching reputation, improvisational music really is about that interaction between musicians at that moment in time which can be fun. Joining Dave will be New Orleans' Rob Cambre whose guitar work has gone into battle with such artists as The Death Posture (with Borbetomagus guitarist Donald Miller), Tatsuya Nakatani, Roger Turner, Suzanne Thorpe, Davey Williams, Frank Gratkowski, Tetuzi Akiyama, Frode Gjerstad, and many others. Last but not least, rapping and on trumpet and electronics is Jawwaad Taylor whose dexterous work you may have seen last time Tom Carter (Charalambides/The Mike Gunn) stepped into town. So, for this week check this out. I think you will be surprised.

Dave Dove Protrait by Bryony McIntyre (Link)


Fri., February 8 -
Balaclavas, Dead Roses, Future Blondes, TENSE + MKF, Hong Kong (aka Indian Jewelry), AND Sixxes (ex-Crash Worship!)
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Whoa, is this line-up nutters or what?!!! It's kind of like hitting you over the head with awesomeness. First you have Balaclavas who are simply incredible and singular - ya just have to hear them to believe them. Dead Roses has an amazing pedigree a mile long but what’s great about them is they have this old school punky energy which is amazing live. Future Blondes, Tense & MFK, Hong Kong (Indian Jewelry)...Jeez they even brought out someone from Crash Worship. Oh and there is the kitchen sink! This simply put will be the shit. I don't know who booked this, but kudos on an all-star line up.

Fri., February 8 -
Rats in the Attic (CD release), Unlikely Heroes, The Failed Attempt, Deathbed Repentance, Molotov Compromise
@ Dead Baby Distro
(2502 Leeland)
All I know is this was at one Point a Southmore show and now it looks to be at someone's house. Good enough for me!

Sat., February 9 -
Secret Saturday Show,
featuring several mystery bands & DJs

@ The Shady Tavern
(1206 W. 20th St.; 12-5PM, free!)

This week rumor has it The Wild Moccasins will be playing. Shhhh.

Sat., February 9 -
Carolyn Wonderland (in-store)
@ Cactus Music (2110 Portsmouth)

Hey Catus is doing in-stores again. Crazy.

Sat., February 9 -
Labei Ritual, Bestemmia Aeternalis, Throne Of Odin
@ Walter's on Washington

Ok I'll admit it the only reason I mention this show is because there is a band by the name of Throne of Odin. That is one bad-ass name!

Mon., February 11 -
The Monocles
@ Boondocks
This new free Monday boondocks this is shaping up pretty nicely. Too bad it's a bad night for me to go out. Still you should go and the Monocles bring out the garage like champs.

Tues., February 12 -
Hearts of Animals, Nat Baldwin (Dirty Projectors), Whiskey Priest
@ Rudyard's

All you people who missed Dirty Projectors last time - heads up, Nat Baldwin is in town doing it solo this time. Sure it's a Tuesday night but look who else is on the bill - Hearts of Animals who is one of those artists who I try to catch any show they perform when possible. Bonus is HOA should have the rest of her 7" available for sale. So, here is your chance to grab a copy if you were one of the people last week at the last Prolee show who asked where the Dull Knife merch table was hiding only to find that Brent had bailed during Fiery Furnaces [truth be told it actually got too crowded for him to work a merch table]. Oh and Nick Hall gave a really great review of the HOA over at the Houston Press (link). So make sure to brew some extra coffee Wednesday this will be worth it.

Wed., February 13 -
Dead Meadow,
Sharks and Sailors, Southern Bellugosi
@ The Backroom (The Mink)
Yes, load up the bong Dead Meadow is coming back to take your soul. Bonus is they'll be doing it with Sharks and Sailors who are also on my must catch every show when I can list. Their last performance at Rudz was simply incredible and I'm sure this will be no different. When they went into Rickshaw last time it was like the room exploded! The metalheads were just out of control when the dissonant harmonics rang and who could blame them? The Trio is simply a force of nature when they are firing on all cylinders. Come on out and see why I've been chomping at the bit for their long awaited (and I mean LOOOOONG awaited) album top finally see daylight. Oh and PS I dig their new The Jon Benet designed shirts.

Thursday, February 7, 2024

ABOVE GROUND Art Exhibit @ PremiumGoods

posted by Derek Shumate @ 8:18 AM

Well, I consulted the Free Pressers for some advice and was surprisingly knighted and commanded to commence Blogging now...

So without further ado...

If you're interested in seeing my latest paintings on wood & canvas then it's your lucky day because I've currently got some stuff on display in Rice Village.

Location: PremiumGoods 2416 Times Blvd. Houston, Texas 77005

Ongoing Exhibit: Feb 4, 2024 through April 26, 2024. There will not be an opening reception for this event, sorry.

Featuring: Shizoq, Heidi Valdez, and Derek Shumate

If you're in the area one day please stop by and take a look. These other two artists are really great. Should be cool!

Wednesday, February 6, 2024

This just in The Pearl Bar on Washignton is Open!!!!

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 1:38 PM

I just got word that the Brad Moore helmed Pearl Bar (across the street from Walters in the old Mary Jane's building) is finally open for business.


Here is a map! Are you as excited as I am?!!

View Larger Map

Monday, February 4, 2024

We didn't start the fire: SDC Warehouse

posted by Free Press Houston @ 4:51 PM

by Jesse Dykman

Editors note: This article was mistakenly credited to Sarah War in our latest issue. Sorry Jesse!
Shortly after midnight on New Year's night, as we were all shouting at the stars and loving the new year, a spark birthed a fire which became the demise of an old warehouse on North Main. The SDC warehouse, as it was known to those of us who lived there, wore many hats in its colorful life having been built during our cities infancy. It once belonged to Shell Oil-the jerks we still blame for the fact that grass won't grow in the yard. For the last ten years it has been ground zero for a collective of artists, musicians, dj's, and promoters formally known as the Scooby Doo Crew(SDC is the acronym of choice for those of us who would like to deny the fact that we once condoned elmo backpacks full of pacifiers and blow-pops).
Since moving in and making 1620 Keene our base of operations in early 1998 this far-spanning community of friends has used this warehouse for everything from art shows to childbirth.
We've thrown dance parties whenever we could get away with it, and sometimes when we couldn't. Often at our home, sometimes at yours. We have helped create a lineage of dance parties too extensive to list from love fest to the most recent "We are the Hollow Men" just before christmas 2024. Over 1,200 people, six bands, four djs, and a number of visual artists shared our space that night and danced the cold away.
In 1999 a good friend of ours died in this place. One year later, a beautiful baby girl named Sierra was born in the same exact spot. Sierra's little sister, Harmony, was born here as well 4 years later. The magic of that day still gets me when I stand in the place where I witnessed her birth, although now it looks more like a napalm testing ground than a happy hippy nest. We have, by default, taken in just about every deranged North Main street dog that made it through the gate, schizophrenic or not. Party stragglers have always had a courtesy couch-when the dogs allowed it. We have been laughing, crying, fucking, and fighting in this place for ten years now. It was our Alamo, or Waco if you will, during "Hurricane” Rita when the rest of the city ran for the safety of our interstate highway system. Within those walls something lived and breathed and had its own will and it feels to us like it isn't finished, like there is still a pulse underneath that charred heap.
So we are going to rebuild it and if you want to get into heaven you should help us. This isn't about attachments. Everything my friends and I own phoenixed with that warehouse and it doesn't amount to 1% of the real meaning that place had for allofus. Actually, I think I'm going to burn all my shit every couple years from now on. IS there a more meaningful way to bring in the New Year? Well, I guess buying a beamer might be good too but whatever, you go to your church and I'll go to mine. The point is that we are going to rebuild this warehouse and we are going to do it the only way we know how-by being very loud and getting a bunch of folks together who like to dance. We are having a benefit party at 2565 Mckinney on Feb 8th. There will be a one-way-sprint-your-ass-off bike race that will end at the party as well. For those of you on four wheels, read the flyer and come shake a leg. For those of you on two wheels-be at 600 Travis at 8pm.

Willie Nelson: Twin Towers Were Imploded On 9/11

posted by Free Press Houston @ 3:13 PM

Willie has balls the size of Texas. God Bless him.