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Come and Take It: Houston’s First Comedy Festival

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Photo: Natalie Brasington



I wasn’t really sure what to expect when Andrew Youngblood told me that he was doing a “half announce” for a show coming in January, until I saw it.  You may know Youngblood by his Youngblood Booking business, or possibly from his “Comedy Crusaders” article written by FPH.  When that article dropped, there was plenty of smack talking behind closed doors and in public, about FPH and Youngblood as well.  However, when you find out that Youngblood will be dropping Houston’s first comedy festival January 24th and 25th, then that whole article makes you wonder who was talking smack.  The Come and Take It: Comedy Take Over Festival will be a two day affair that encompases all three rooms of Warehouse Live, and the line-up that’s since been announced, is just a little crazy without the headliner being mentioned.


Highest on the list, is the hilarious and silly humor of Maria Bamford.  Bamford has done a couple of Time & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! appearances, she just dropped a new comedy special called “The Special Special Special,”  and she also released a new album called, “Ask Me About My New God.”  She also seems to tour non stop and she’s seriously someone that no one should miss.  Duncan Trussell, of the podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, will also be on the bill.  As it stands, Trussell has been getting bigger and bigger in the world of stand-up after his WTF episode, and his podcast is pretty hilarious as well.  I shouldn’t have to sell Todd Barry too much, as he was at Warehouse Live earlier this year during his crowd work tour.  Barry has an irreverent style and he’s one of the funniest comics going.  He’s been on all the late night talk shows, he’s had his own Comedy Central special, and he even gets plugged by guys like Louis CK.  Mike Lawrence will also be on hand to add the nerd element to the fest.  Lawrence has been on Conan, he’s been on HBO, Comedy Central, and John Oliver’s stand up special twice.  His latest album, “Sadamantium” might be one of the funniest comedy albums you’ll hear all year.


One of the two founders of The Kids In The Hall, Kevin McDonald will also make an appearance at the festival.  McDonald has written for SNL, he tours all over doing stand-up, oh..and he was in The Kids In The Hall.  For anyone who’s lived under a comedy rock, The Kids In The Hall was one of the funniest things ever allowed to be broadcast on television.  Their movie, “Brain Candy” was also years ahead of its time, and I contend that it’s one of the funniest films ever made.  Former SNL cast member and stand-up, Brooks Wheelan will also make an appearance.  I recently watched Wheelan on Conan, and he’s seriously a funny guy.  A stand-up prior to SNL, the comic has been touring at a crazy pace since he exited the sketch show.  The musical comedy of Henry Phillips will also be there to make you laugh at his hysterical songs and jokes.  Phillips has been around a good while, and he garnered praise for his film, “Punching The Clown.”  He’s also been on Jimmy Kimmel, WTF, and Comedy Bang Bang.


There’s also a healthy list of Houston comics like the hilarious Bob Biggerstaff, the legendary Andy Huggins, and witty humor of John Wessling.  Most of these locals and Texas acts including the matter of fact humor of Sam Demaris, the hilarity of Austin’s Cody Hustak, and the jaw dropping humor of Austin’s Chris Cubas don’t perform in Houston often because they’re always touring; so their presence is extra special.  There also promises to be podcasts being recorded from The Duncan Trussell Family Hour, If I Were You, The Todd Barry Podcast, The Whiskey Brothers, and much much more.

The announce just happened today, but it’s a blind presale in that the headliners won’t get announced until October 24th.  However, with what’s mentioned already, the blind presale tickets are a measly $30.00 for a G/A weekend pass, or a $55.00 VIP weekend pass.  The VIP option offers VIP private areas and bars, early entry, and guaranteed seats for every performance.  The tickets go on sale on October 10th at 10:00 am, and they will increase dramatically in price by showtime.  As its stands, if you like comedy, then this is an event you won’t want to miss.  If you were to catch just two of the mentioned headliners by themselves, they’d be more than thirty bucks, and going this first year makes you a part of our city’s great history.