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Getting To Know The FPSF Locals: We Were Wolves

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Photo: Meagan Badger


Music industry analysts—yes, that’s a thing, will tell you that guitar music, or rock music is in a downswing.  That EDM and hip hop are what’s selling today, and that rock will have to take a backseat for now.  But, when you look at a band like Houston’s We Were Wolves, things appear to be on the upside.  In just two short year the band has gone from a good band from Beaumont, to moving to Houston, touring with Dwarves, releasing a great record, and even recording with famed producer Chris “Frenchie” Smith.  Now they’ve landed themselves on Houston’s biggest party, this year’s Free Press Summer Fest, and they’re ready to prove that rock music still has a place in today’s overcrowded landscape.


FPH:  You guys have really gone through a lot since moving from Beaumont to Houston.  A new album, getting praised by local press, losing a member, and now recording new material; how have you handled all of this change?


We Were Wolves: Change is good. Things become more stimulating and interesting when you allow change. We are finding ways to focus and work smarter to achieve the goals we really believe in. We are really proud of our last record and losing a member sucks but these new songs we are releasing are the most exciting thing we’ve ever done. We cannot wait to get it out there.



FPH:  Speaking of those new recordings, you were lucky enough to snag a session at The Bubble with Chris “Frenchie” Smith, how’d you guys land such a famed producer?


We Were Wolves: We are really into some of the records Frenchie has done so it was an easy decision when we were thinking about how to track these songs. He is a rock n roll dude and were a rock n roll band. He knows how to handle us. People are always asking you to turn it down or play it separate spaces from each other or something wierd….thats not what he’s about. He’s about letting you do your thing and be the band you’re supposed to be. It just made sense to try it out.



FPH:  You guys played the Houston Beer Fest Last year, but the crowds at FPSF are at least three to four times the size of what attends other festivals in Houston.  Are y’all ready for such a large audience to play in front of?


We Were Wolves: Yeah, we hope its crazy. We are really excited to be a part of something the city seems to really believe in. There will always be someone with a negative comment but overall it seems like Houston is proud of FPSF. We are really stoked about it.



FPH:  It feels like with your new bassist, that you almost have a whole new dynamic in the band that wasn’t there before.  Do you guys feel the same way and did you write any of the new stuff with your new bassist?


We were Wolves: Chris is a great dude. We grew up in the same city with him, playing in different bands. He moved here a couple of years before us for school and stuff. Once we had to start looking for a new bass player he hit us up. It was a pretty natural fit just because we already were all friends and had hung out for years. We’ve been writing a bunch with him and its been really cool.



FPH:  There’s been plenty of music industry insiders that say that rock is in a downswing, yet you’re making all the right moves it seems aside from that.  Does it feel that way to y’all, or do you just do your thing regardless of what the industry is doing?


We Were Wolves: We don’t really know about all of that. We always just do our own thing. The town that we come from didn’t have big clubs and festivals and all that shit. We had to make up things to do…it was up to our scene to make it happen. If the music industry says that rock isn’t cool then so what. Who cares what they say. Its up to us and our scene to make it happen.



FPH:  You’re known for an energetic live show that feels more like a backyard party than most bands going nowadays.  What do you have planned for the FPSF crowd?


We Were Wolves: A party. We just want to play loud and have fun. This will be the perfect place for that to happen. Come by our stage and party with us.

With all this momentum, it’s hard to see these guys slowing down anytime soon.  When you catch these guys live, you might need an Advil in the morning from the breakneck pace they bring when they perform.  Easily one of Houston’s more entertaining acts, you’d be a fool not to catch them this year at FPSF.  Because by the way they operate and the energetic way they perform; they’ll make you realize real quick, that maybe those industry analysts, are wrong.

  • Kirk Williams

    Liked the article guys! Maybe I’ll catch y’all out there.