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Goodnight Mommy

Goodnight Mommy
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Goodnight Mommy joins It Follows as one of the year’s premiere horror films. Hailing from Austria, GM provides the kind of creepy ambiance that makes a film a breakthrough cult classic.

GM revolves around a single mom who comes home from a hospital stay with her head wrapped in bandages. Her sons, twins, seem to believe that the woman is not their mother. The original title Ich sey, Ich sey, translates as I see, I see.

The real life twins who play the movie twins, Lukas and Elias Schwarz, are exactly identical. The mother character played by Susanne Wuest offers some clues early in the film that helps define each child’s individuality.GM-kids

The kids eventually tie their mother up, keeping her a prisoner in her own bed. When she attempts to yell for help they super glue her mouth shut. There are also some scenes that involve Madagascar hissing cockroaches, which the twins keep as pets. If you are a parent and your kids ask you to get hissing cockroaches not only should you refuse you should have their heads examined.

There are some other elements to the narrative that if I were to discuss them at length would constitute spoilers. Goodnight Mommy is one film that we will not spoil.

— Michael Bergeron