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 Kyle Nazario
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Here’s a Super Creepy Way to Get FPSF Tickets

Here’s a Super Creepy Way to Get FPSF Tickets
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Please, don’t do this. We understand that the Free Press Summer Fest is awesome and everybody wants to go, but there are easier ways to get in than responding to this Craigslist post.

This guy took to Craigslist to tell Houston’s ladies that they could be the lucky recipient of a free pass to FPSF. Want the ticket? All you have to do is show him your boobs for 1-3 seconds.

Look at that. Let it sink in. Take a moment to appreciate its majesty. Assuming it’s not fake (and it probably is), this is a terrible idea.

First of all, meeting a stranger from Craigslist to show him your boobs sounds as safe as playing hopscotch on the freeway. This ad is the definition of shady.

“Yeah, it’s pretty creepy,” the guy wrote in what may be the understatement of the decade. “It’s part of a bet with my friend.”

Well gee, it’s a bet. I guess that makes it less weird. “1-3 seconds” of showing your boobs sounds like something out of a 13-year-old’s fantasies. Grow up, dude. Boobs are not a form of currency.

I can’t get past how calm and orderly this guy is about trading a ticket for a glimpse of some tits. He approaches this like you’re trading cars and like it’s not incredibly strange.

The most offputting part is that this Craigslist guy has clearly put some thought into it. Checking IDs? Jesus, man.

And before I forget, check out the shout-out to A&M. This guy claims to be an Aggie. For the sake of all the other Texas A&M graduates, here’s hoping he’s lying.

Don’t Do This

Do not respond to this ad. One, he’s probably making this up. Two, this is weird enough already. Three, ew. Just… ew. There are easier ways to get passes to Summer Fest. Don’t use this one.

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One Response to Here’s a Super Creepy Way to Get FPSF Tickets

  1. Jenn May 28, 2024 at 12:35 pm

    What’s an easier way? I’ve been trying to score passes by emailing to volunteer (never heard back), emailed because I live outside the beltway (never heard back), have tried winning on the radio (but the radio music SUCKS! I can only take so much Pitbull!)…So…lemme know!

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