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Lazer Team

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A ragtag team of misfits discover pieces of a suit in a crashed UFO. When they don the duds they can’t take them off. Each piece, a helmet, gloves, boots, gives the quartet advanced powers. They’re going to need them because these nimnuts are the last line of defense between Earth and the aliens.

A typical line of dialogue from Lazer Team goes like this. “Jump in quick I don’t have time to explain. We removed an alien device from your neck; you were being controlled by them. Those four soldiers chasing us are under the control of the aliens. I guess I did have time to explain.”Rooster-Teeth-Lazer-Team-Official-Trailer

There’s a thin line upon which Lazer Team walks. The movie, a parody of space adventures, could very well have been on the level of Pixels. But Lazer Team has too many funny quips and lovable characters. When LT errs it does so on the side of Galaxy Quest, another sci-fi comedy with a charismatic cast. Perhaps there’s a bit of the snide banter we enjoyed in Guardians of the Galaxy, which employed a similar group of miscreants to save the universe.

If this sounds like high praise – it is. Lazer Team was such an enjoyable spoof of sci-fi tropes I wanted to pick it up like a little kitten and snuggle it. LT comes from the minds of Rooster Teeth, a company that makes popular web based series, called machinima, like Red vs. Blue. Director Matt Hullum is one of the co-founders of Rooster Teeth.

Lazer Team unwinds in an exclusive engagement starting this weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse Mason Road.

— Michael Bergeron