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Meet Texas songstress Melat

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BY Hajer Salem
Photo By Pha


The first time I heard Melat’s Canon Ourania: The Illumination EP, I was lying on my couch in day old sweats, on a Saturday afternoon listlessly watching house hunter reruns. The EP, given to me by a friend, was laying on my coffee table.  I decided I had to put an end to my current state of slothfulness. I got up, put the cd on and began the quest to clean up my apartment.  Almost instantly, the intro song Third Eye’s,  production coupled with Melat’s unique and soothing voice surprised me.   I went over, turned the volume up and sat down, the next song “Daphne”, my personal favorite, won me over, the hard beats coupled with Melat’s haunting voice were right up my alley.

Canon Ourania: The Illumination is the follow up to Melat’s, an Austin, Texas native, debut EP Canon Aphaea.  Melat serves as the sole vocalist for the EP and works as a duo with producer Pha the Phenom, who produced the entire EP.  It’s hard to box singer/songwriter Melat and harder to box Canon Ourania into a genre but whatever you want to call it, it’s good.  Her enchanting vocals blend with poignant subject matter to deliver a distinctive experience.  Canon Ourania is packed with eight original tracks from the duo and she has also recently released a remix to “Daphne” produced by Woodys Produce and a new single “Golden” produced by Jansport J.  The album is available for download on iTunes as well as her site  Melat will be touring as the opening act for the L.A. band The Internet; you can catch her performing live in Houston on March 27 at Warehouse Live.  I know, I will be there.