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R.I.P. Josh Fergeson

R.I.P. Josh Fergeson
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I just found out a good friend of mine died last night. Word is he was walking home from a show. While I don’t know the full details yet of how or why this happened, it’s still a fucking bummer.

I’m pissed about this for a lot of reasons, and I don’t really care if anyone agrees or disagrees. My dude Josh was a good person-like one of the ones that wasn’t supposed to die. No one saw it coming. He hustled, and made sure he never burned bridges, so he COULD hustle forever and help his and his friends’ dreams come to life.

That being said, I’m about to suck. The city allowed this to happen. No one will ever be held truly accountable, because the walkability of high traffic areas in downtown Houston fucking sucks, and drunk, new money, gentrification-causing brats blitzkreig their way from red light to red light, with no regard for themselves or any other human life. End of rant.

I miss my friend. I cuddled with this dude on a flea infested mattress and watched movies. This dude jumped in my car last minute just to go do fucking whatever. R.I.P., buddy.

-Shelby Hohl


[Ed. Note: Sorry about the badly-cropped image. Here is Josh in his full splendor, but not really, he was much more than just a photograph. Nuff respect.]

[Ed. Note 2: Crop fixed.]

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