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Thursday, August 14, 2024

A brief linked guide to Tonight's Recession Thursday - 14 August

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:01 AM

Riff Tiffs - Houston's most popular seasonal band headlines specializing in shimmering guitars and melodies.

The Eastern Sea - You may not know Austin's Eastern Sea (though they have Houston Ex-pats in their ranks) but you'll enjoy their excellent sense of melody and endearing and smart ass banter.

Earnie Banks - Baseball Hall of Famer Earnie Banks is sounding good for his 77 years. Who would have known the Dallas born retired Cub would be so into Minus the Bear Indie Pop.

Electric Attitude - "This band, from Houston, was an energetic bunch. Singer Blake Shepard is young but a born showman, and he romped through his Stooge-y punk-boogie tunes." at least that's what they have on their myspace.

Old Coyote - Austin's Old Coyote play pretty melodic indie pop. Nice stuff.

¬°alarma! - Like all good rock and roll, there is something so awesomely trashy about Alarma that makes me shout "AAAALARMAAAAA!"

Lazy Horse - Some of the smartest garagey rock coming out of Houston. We are the Champs indeed!


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