Monday, August 4, 2024

Live Music Reviews Sharks & Sailors (Friday) and Papermoons (Wednesday)

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:05 AM

This week I had hoped to bring you coverage of the Secret Saturday Fest and even showed up and paid my $6 but, like Jeremy Hart of Space City Rock, I have a wee one. Let's face it, no matter how good Co-Pilot's awesome set of quiet to loud shoegaze was, a six year old is just going to be bored and suggest he engage in something more befitting his adventurer archaeologist status. So, for proper coverage coverage of the fest, you can read Dusti Rhodes nice bit of live blogging of both days in the Houston Press which ends here (Link). Hopefully, you can go back and read the rest from the sidebar. Also, ADR did some nice coverage of Day 1 (Link).

While we failed to cover SSF, we nevertheless are bringing you not one review but two reviews of two awesome shows for your consideration. Here you are the links to the articles in the music section:

PART I: Papermoons and Elaine Greer at Boondocks 30 July 2024

Part II :
Sharks and Sailors's CD release party with Ume and The Jonx at Walters 01 August 2024


At August 4, 2024 8:03 AM , Blogger gaijin said...

Right there with you, man. I'd actually hoped to bring the midget out, but the wife vetoed the idea, saying I'd cook her wee brain in the hot, hot sun (to which I responded: c'mon, give me a little credit; I'm gonna keep her in the shade...).

But anyway, I did indeed manage to make it out for part of Day 1, and it was absolutely freakin' awesome. It felt like a continuation of the HPMAs, with a bunch of bands that should have been playing in downtown that night.

I felt totally, totally media-inadequate, btw, seeing ADR & Dusti liveblogging from the fest Media Center. Dang...

Badass S&S review! Wish I could've been there...


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