Tuesday, December 9, 2024

Gear Stolen from TonTons Guitar player in Montrose (of course)

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I keep on saying the next person who I catch stealing from me is gonna get the beatdown for the last 10 people who jacked me. Well, If you needed another reason not to leave shit in your car in the Trose' then here is another outstanding reason. Our friend and photog Marc C. Austin just sent us this email explaining how Adam from the Tontons gear just got jacked last night:

"Hey all – Last night, Adam Martinez, the guitarist for The Tontons, had all of his gear and guitar stolen from his car while parked in the Montrose area. I know you guys are out and about. Please keep an eye and ear open for his stuff. He had a red Epiphone SG guitar and about $700 worth of pedals taken. Time can replace stuff like this, but these guys are in the middle of recording their first full length album and are serious need of this instrument.If you hear anything or have any advice to help, please let me know. Feel free to forward this email. "

713 456 9064

List of Pedals:
Boss digital rotary
Boss super shifter
Boss chromatic tuner
Boss dd-6 digital delay
Dunlop wah pedal
Dunlop fuzz face


At December 9, 2024 11:58 AM , Anonymous Mark C. Austin said...

Thanks guys! Much appreciated.


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