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 Hajer Salem
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Cage the Elephant

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Cage the Elephant is a band from Bowling Green, Kentucky that formed in 2024.   Their self titled debut album dropped in 2024 to much success, spawning several radio singles and garnering them a huge following in both the US and UK.  Cage the Elephant sounds somewhat like a mesh between sixties garage rock, seventies punk and late eighties alt-rock. They effortlessly combine blues, funk and punk to create their own unique contagiously good music.  It is difficult to place Cage the Elephant’s music in a genre or label it, and hard to refer to it without mentioning Cage the Elephant.  The distinct melodies, coupled with the visceral musical chaos are the perfect backing for Matt Schultz voice and songwriting.  Besides being known for their unique and eclectic sound, Cage the Elephant is also known for the crazy and energetic live performances.  Schultz, the lead singer, often finds himself on top of speakers and rarely ever stands still, he can be seen jumping around and climbing anything possible during their performances.  In addition, whenever possible, he will leap into the crowd and go for a spin.  I am excited to see their set at Free Press Summer Festival, and how they will hold up in this Texas heat, mayne!