Amanda Hart
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Coming Together: The Music of Frederic Rzewski

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By: Amanda Hart

Leon casino, The Station Museum of Contemporary Arts presents: Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble. Liminal Space is presenting a program of works by American expatriate composer Frederic Rzewski, featuring the politically-charged minimalist masterpieces Coming Together and Attica, inspired by found text related to the 1971 Attica State Prison riot.

Liminal Space is:
George Heathco, electric guitar
Luke Hubley, marimba and percussion
Special Guest Misha Penton, speaker

Liminal Space seeks to develop and present a contemporary alternative within the Houston community, and to serve as a bridge to connect those on the fringe, distanced by the boundaries of genre and style.

The show is completely free so come out on December 12th at 7:30pm and help support Houston artists.


1502 Alabama St.

Houston, TX 77004

phone: 713.529.6900