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 Michael Bergeron
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Dear White People

Dear White People
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“Dear White People who use Instagram®. You take hikes and have an iPhone, I get it.” Dear White People takes place on a modern university campus and explores the difference in attitude between white and black students with sardonic wit to spare.

The title is also the name of a radio show hosted by one of the students. The film conjures the kind of observations that were rife in early Spike Lee films. None of the characters on display are bad people, but rather regular dudes and chicks whose outlook on life has been shaped by their social upbringing. There’s a little romance, a school election, and lessons on how people tip.

Dear White People goes back and forth between members of its ensemble cast. One character, Lionel observes alienation firsthand, mainly because he’s gay and an easy target. Sexual politics also gets a sharp analysis. Sometimes a person is compelled to tap another’s ass because of the color of their skin. Attractions can be fuzzy when viewed through the kaleidoscope of social media. Perhaps not oddly a good deal of the film’s score unwinds with classical compositions. Dear White People opens in limited engagements this weekend, including the Sundance Cinemas Houston and AMC Studio 30.

- Michael Bergeron

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