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Frankie G Drops Two New Singles

Frankie G Drops Two New Singles
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Frankie G Da Mex, Photo: EM Photography


I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am that there’s a never ending flow of music coming out of this city on a daily basis.  Houston, commonly referred to as “Screwston” has been on the rise musically as of late, and in the hip hop world especially, that aforementioned nickname is shedding on a daily basis.  Keep in mind, this is by no means any disrespect to DJ Screw, who innovated and created a whole sub-genre all by himself.  But, he’s also been gone from Houston for over a decade, and yet the world seems to think that’s where the growth of Houston hip hop went when he passed.  However, I hear new hip hop that’s on a whole other level away from what’s in our city’s past as well as what’s happening nationally.  One of those newer artists is Houston’s Frankie G Da Mex.  Don’t get me wrong, Frankie has been dropping remixes for a good while, and his mixtape dropped back in 2024, but he’s never really gotten the kind of props he deserves.  However, a couple of weeks ago, all of that changed when he dropped two new singles.  In a little over six and a half minutes, Frankie G Da Mex tells the world that he’s here, and ready to forge his own path.


For anyone who doesn’t know, Frankie G is a pretty real guy who tells it like it is.  His live shows are always high energy where he engages the crowd to get down with him as he performs.  He’s also a guy who represents Houston more than most people I know.  So, it was very fitting that he’d drop a single called “Party.”  The lead track from his upcoming full length, “Whiskey Rivers And Smoke Clouds,” he uses a moderate pace mixed with autotuned backing vocals to craft an upbeat jam that’s all about having fun.  Spacy backing tracks glide the song along while electric piano and dope beat kick the song along.  Frankie flows on the mic with ease while he invites anyone who listens to come out and party with him.  The song is a celebration of any night out on the town amongst friends, strangers, and everyone in-between.  


This gets followed with a pretty hefty B-Side, that’s just as much of a stand alone single than anything else.  Starting off with vocals that sound like they’re coming from the bottom of a swimming pool’s deep end, “Perfect Timing” drops a beat fast and holds your attention while it pops along.  Though there are some chopped and screwed backing vocals, it’s not done in the same manner in which Screw made his jams.  The track that’s all about stepping up to a girl, the swagger in Frankie’s mic flow is as impressive as it is different in the song’s pace.  The track isn’t fast, nor is it a slow jam, it just falls somewhere in-between while it keeps your head bopping the whole while.

The track is available now through all digital outlets, and you can stream it on Spotify, Google Play, and iHeartRadio.  You can also purchase the tracks via his bandcamp, found here.  Though you might have just missed him when he played the official Bun B afterparty at the newly renovated Fitzgerald’s, he’s definitely a name to look out for, and an artist who’s ready to party with anyone who comes to see him play live.