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Gang Stalking, Government Style

Gang Stalking, Government Style
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By Remington Alessi


“I’m just another white guy who wrote something people didn’t like online,” Evan Carroll sighs as he sinks into his armchair.

This all began when the Houston Police Officer’s Union posted Carroll’s home address, phone number, and employment information on their official Facebook page, accompanied with the caption, “For all of our Kingwood officers, apparently this person is extremely anti-police.”

Visibly tired, he has already turned away countless reporters, curious neighbors, and food delivery people, the latter of whom have been sent as part of childish pranks by an army of anonymous gang stalkers, many of whom are members of local law enforcement agencies. Police and civilians alike have driven by, leering at the front of Carroll’s residence; a random person tore up his parents’ yard; threatening phone calls have come in as often as four times per minute, and countless complaints have been filed against his real estate license with every professional agency available. This is gang stalking taken to an entirely new level.

UntitledThough Facebook eventually removed the post, it was too late for the internet to forget. A virtual invitation to gang stalk Carroll rippled through right wing channels on the internet, being shared tens of thousands of times across law enforcement pages, with a local FOX affiliate even airing his phone number on the evening news. A photo below has been edited to exclude Carroll’s personal information, but the edits are mine, and were not done by the local news team.

At time of writing, neither the Houston Police Officers’ Union nor the Houston Police Department would respond or comment. One might wonder if there was a staff shortage due to members of both organizations taking time off in order to engage in gang stalking, as appears to be the case.

One might naturally wonder what Carroll could have said to set off this kind of reaction. On his own personal Facebook page, Carroll typed, “2 down, 49,000 to go. Not ‘an execution’ just a minor insurrection and a bit of humble revenge,” in response to the shooting deaths of two NYPD officers. Inflammatory as this may be, it could be interpreted as a less poetic way of conveying author Tim Wise’s sentiments on the matter: “If you treat communities like you are an occupying army don’t be surprised when folks assume you have declared war on them. And then don’t be shocked when some decide to declare war back.”

As so often is the case, this incident will most likely be used as a pretext to tighten security or otherwise add to the mission creep of the various government agencies assigned the task of protecting the shit out of us from behind every mailbox. It may be easy, at this point, to take the propaganda bait and blame the man engaging in political speech, as is so often the case. Certainly corporate media will even encourage you to do so. However, it is important to not shift the moral burden away from the army of oppressors who seek to control this country with violence and threats, because they are, as Dr. King once said, “the greatest purveyors of violence in the world today,” both then and now.

In the world of Facebook, all it took was some viral sharing by a few incensed individuals for the entire post to snowball, sparking a mob mentality and becoming a rallying cry for police from Houston all the way to New York to begin threatening to murder Carroll. Judging from the backlash Carroll has received, the participants closely resemble the police he opposes; hiding behind a lack of accountability, their responses are cowardly, crude, and childish, but they ultimately are the dying gasps of an army that has lost its legitimacy.

  • kevin bakunin

    My name is kevin from houston and i am a target of gangstalking and microwave technology i.e. i have been chipped an rfid cochlear implant and made homeless blacklisted and extrajudicially systematically tortured with radiation been dwniwd employment and had my truck sabotaged nymerous times by these criminal syndicate members who work in conjunction with law enforcement right here in the old montrose area. The are inhumane sadists who get paid to torture and eventually murder people put on these taget. Lists. Radiation will cause cancer and it will look like natural causes. This by texas statutes falls under a capital offense .ive had bedbugs thrown in my truck, itching powder and other caustic chemicals which cause sores and been told i will be turned into a piece of fecal matter. Ive had them try to run me off the road. Iwas chipped by a fellow named kelly namacher and my ex wife is dead because of his gangstalking activities. These people try to act respectable and enlist homeowners associations and the fbi community reachout program etc.but they run drugs and launder dirty money for gangs and milk the system. F rom every direction. At the corner of vassar and woodhead is a family of gangstalkers and they even enlist thier children in thier activities which cps should investigate. They are all sadistic petverts and should be attending sexoffender treatment programs behind bars. Tecaraso apts is another hot bed of this vermine.

  • deloprator20000

    I too have been a victim of gangstalking mostly because of my vocal
    criticism of the oil companies, support for the anthropogenic causes of
    climate change and peak oil, and my research into UFOs.

    I first
    became aware of it around 2024, it escalated in 2024, increased sharply
    in 2024, and just exploded in 2024. As I dug a little further I found
    that I was monitored since about 1989-1991.

    1. Most of the
    surveillance devices are electronic, many of them are embedded and I
    believe may have been built into consumer electronics. Most Ipods,
    Ipads, Itouches, I-anything are just loaded with monitoring devices,
    most laptops are packed to the brim with surveillance devices, in fact
    most consumer electronic devices built within the last 20 years most
    likely have some form of monitoring devices. I have also experienced
    that furniture has also been bugged. So pick a room or a spot in your
    residence and get rid of everything in that room. So all that is left
    are the devices on your walls. So put up some heavy drapes and boom,
    visual surveillance is degraded.

    You can protect yourself by
    placing ALL small electronic devices in a thick Iron pot with Lid. For
    electronic devices that require a remote control, simply run a “remote
    control extender” into the Iron Pot.

    Lodge Iron Pots are inexpensive and work well:


    electronic devices that cannot be used while not in visual contact or
    are too large to place in an iron pot, then an option is to replace them
    with older electronic devices made before about 1985. About the only
    device that can’t be used while behind iron are TVs, so you may have to
    downgrade to analog TVs made before 1985 or earlier.

    Also I have
    found the kitchen appliances can also monitor you, the worst offenders
    are coffee pots, dishwashers, and refrigerators. The most difficult one
    to deal with is the refrigerator because it has to be running all the
    time. So, if you can, try to replace your refrigerator with one made
    before 1985. I am in the process of replacing my refrigerator with one
    made in the 1950’s.

    2. Lock all doors with a hasp and padlock
    from the INSIDE very difficult to break in. Use a Mul-T-Lock padlock,
    nearly impossible to pick. Otherwise they’ll plant bug that transmit at
    frequencies outside your jammer’s frequencies. Don’t forget the roof and
    air conditioning vents, any entrance to your house from the outside no
    matter how small must be blocked from the inside. Lock all windows from
    the inside with screw on window locks.

    3. They also have remote
    neural monitoring devices, they can monitor Thoughts! To defeat this
    build a room with walls made of Pure iron 99.999+%, 3 mm+ thick and
    build extremely powerful Helmholtz coils (inside the room), combined
    with a random noise generator 0-100hz and a good high powered audio
    amplifier. Make sure to keep the iron walls clean, they sometimes like
    to break in and place sensors on the walls defeating the purpose. if
    need be take the iron to a foundry have it melted completely and cast
    again with the correct purity and dimensions, just to make sure there
    are no sensors. If you have disposable income, you can, on a regular
    basis, like 3 time a year deconstruct the Iron room, have it melted
    completely in a foundry and then recast with the proper purity and
    dimensions. Make sure to keep the Iron both solid and liquid in direct
    eyesight at all times!!

    4. If you hear “voices” in your head, and
    you are reasonably sure you do not have any psychological maladies then
    build an Anechoic chamber that blocks a broad range of acoustic
    frequencies and/or build a room underground using vacuum wall panels

    Iron room also protects you from any electromagnetic radiation. If you
    believe that “they” are directing some type of microwave radiation or
    other type weapons at you, you can build the appropriate antenna and
    trace back the source of the radiation, and take the appropriate
    measures. Given enough power they can still deliver significant amounts
    of microwave through thick metal, so I am researching materials that can
    adsorb microwave energy at the molecular level.

    To jam higher
    frequency transmission you may consider looking into the material called
    ECCO-SORB high loss microwave absorber, just do a search on google.

    technology changes, so must the jamming frequencies, anti-spying
    techniques, etc. I am still researching other forms of electronic
    harassment, like V2K, Directed Energy Weapons, Window Laser Audio
    devices, infrasound, etc, so that we can find ways to defeat the

    I have tons more ways to defeat their technology, just email me jjgonz8band@gmail.com

    Together we can defeat gangstalking permanently

  • anonymous

    Those who don’t believe that this kind of thing is a reality might want to take a look at the website FightGangStalking. For the most part, these activities are finding cover, so to speak, in the worlds of mental illness and disinformation, just as they are shredding the fabric of civil society.