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Mantra Love Debuts Video For Howlin’

Mantra Love Debuts Video For Howlin’
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Mantra Love, Photo: Courtesy of Artist/Facebook


If you’re one of the many unsigned artists on the music landscape, then January through March is usually the best time to drop releases.  If you’ve already dropped your album before that, then it’s also a great time to release a video or special packaging.  Like many bands who are putting things out before the major labels start dropping albums like flies, Houston’s Mantra Love is no different.  

Like the slow boil nature of the song itself, the video feels like an almost bad trip sort of vibe.  Things begin as lead singer Derek Silva walks from a forest into a field where several others are sitting in a circle.  In a bizarre game of duck duck goose, the band’s bassist Fabian officiates, while the band’s drummer Cody plays along.  Before long their singer is playing along and what seems like good fun turns south quickly. The video takes a dark turn where nightfall has set in, and a different game proceeds with masked players and torches in hand.  Before you know it, the video has reached its end, as if the bad trip or the nightmare is over.

The video itself, found exclusively here, is one that like the music of Mantra Love, is completely up for interpretation. Directed by Jay Farnie, the four and half minute clip takes you further down the rabbit hole that the band created with their trippy album.  You can catch Mantra Love live Friday, February 19th at Notsuoh with Moon Waves and Mind Shrine.  The all ages show has doors at 9:00 and a $5.00 cover.

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