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Since Always Debuts Reunite Video

Since Always Debuts Reunite Video
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Since Always, Photo: Richard Ramirez


The multitude of layers that can exist within a band’s sound sometimes amazes me.  So many times there are bands that sound one way and that’s it.  However for Houston’s Since Always, the layers are deep and full of varying levels of different notes making up their intriguing sound.  On the heels of finishing up the follow up to last year’s album, “Consequences,” they shared their video for the most intriguing track from that album, “Reunite” with us, and like the song the video is different, trippy, and far from what you’d expect.


The video, which is as equally different as what you’d expect from a band who lingers in the emo core world, is as spacey and engaging as the track itself.  Where the song has a thick layer of guitar tracks played atop one another, the video contains images of singer Ashleigh Mendoza placed on one another as well.  The song’s almost new wave meets electronic approach that echoes sounds of The Cure in the “Disintegration” era, is visually displayed as Mendoza walks through a forest and a field showcasing the lost and emotion heavy nature of the song.  The spaced out imagery and the closing sequence of two sides meeting is one of the best ways I’ve seen a song get conveyed visually in recent years.  Through varying layers of sound, the video offers a glimpse into the world in which the track exists.


The video for “Reunite,” found exclusively here, was directed and created by Dreamland Sound & Vision, and written by director Dwayne Cathey.  You can catch Since Always around town when they perform, and you can hear the song on their album, “Consequences” available via Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and Spotify.