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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - November 29th Edition

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-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-


Last week was all about friendship. I'm talking the band. If you went to Notsuoh last Thursday you were treated to manic chaos in the form of an 11 minute set by Friendship. Blades performed beautifully and Basses Loaded (left) proved that they are much more than a gimmick - they have great songs! For those who missed it, at the bottom of this blog is some really crappy video of the madness. Yeah, it's poorly lit and yeah the audio at times distorts to a screech but, so what, I still have confetti in my hair and a bruise on my arm from that show.

This Week's Double Spotlight: S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y NIGHT!

*Saturday, December 1
Sickish Fest 2: Holiday Hell
A Pink Cloud, VAARG, Balaclavas, John Muzak, MFK Kunst, TENSE
@ The Proletariat

*Saturday, December 1
Pong, The Mathletes
@ Rudyard's
Geez, does anyone have one of those Hermione Granger Time Turners? That or a Tardis. I don't know about you but I'm planning on club hoppin' this Saturday. First of you have Sickish fest II at the Prolee. A Pink Cloud always puts on an amazing show of textures and sound. Who will be playing with Domokos? Well see. VAARG is the black metal alter ego of Mlee (Hearts of Animals) and I believe Amye (Wols). If you are not scrrred you should be. Expect corpse paint and lots of screaming. Balackavas will be spotlighted in January for a damn good reason - they are doing amazing stuff. Not to make them sound derivative but to give you a ballpark I'd say their moody sound falls somewhere between Bauhaus and early Sonic Youth. John Muzak is well it's freaking John Muzak!! and two other bands I'd say something about except that myspace is blocked at work.

Meanwhile at Rudz (see poster) we have The Mathletes in full 10 piece glory. Their recent show at Dean's was pretty fun but I have to admit without Gie Gie the Mathletes lose something. To me she's the perfect foil to head honcho Joe Mathlete and for better or worse she's made "Animals" her song. So since she's performing that automatically makes it a must see. As if that isn't happy happy joy joy enough Austin's Pong will bring their crazy dancey music and lightshow extravaganza to everyone's favorite little bar. Oh kill me!

Also This Week

Thursday, November 29
Melt Banana, Dizzy Pilot, Cop Warmth
@ Walter's on Washington
Oh Melt Banana is always a kick. They are loud stupid jumpy nutters from Japan who make some of the most articulate chaos. Dizzy Pilot always puts on a solid show and they have a new EP out which I'm pretty psyched to hear. And Cop Warmth are a perfect opening act given their antics.

Friday, November 30 -
Two Star Symphony
@ Jones Hall (Univ. of St. Thomas campus)
I have to admit I've always loved the intimacy of a chamber music and Two Star has been doing some wonderful stuff. Friday's show at St. Thomas just stinks of coolness. They will be performing all of their compositions in a wonderful hall. Hey, I know you ain't got 20 bucks. Just go ask yr mom for the $20. I'm sure she'll give it to you happily when she finds out you aren't spending your Friday night in some beer soaked bar with all those low life friends of yours.

Saturday December 1
Secret Saturday Show
@ The Shady Tavern
Who is playing? I dunno. So far the lineups have been solid and it's free so quit yr. complaining!

Sunday, December 2
Satin Hooks,Ringo Deathstar, La Snacks
@ Rudyard's
I'm recommending this solely based on Satin Hooks. I'm not going to repeat myself. They are amazing live. End of discussion.

Monday, December 3
Balaclavas, Waterbabies, Cave, Triangle, Ceeplus, Perkol8r
@ Notsuoh
This looks to be a solid bill with spin masters Ceeplus and Perkol8r but I'm a bit confused. Lesse Balaclavas is playing Saturday and Cave is playing on Tuesday. Both good acts but twice in one week? Well I guess if you can't make the other two shows this would be a good way to not miss out.

Tuesday, December 4
Stevie Wonder
@ Toyota Center
Jeez it's Stevie Wonder. How can I not mention it. Don't play cool. You know you love the dude.

Tuesday, December 4
Clipd Beaks, Yip Yip, Indian Jewelry, Cave
@ The Proletariat
Attention promoters my band rehearses on Tuesday. Don't kill me with bills like this!!! Clipped Beaks, Cave and locals Indian Jewelry all promise to make your Wednesday morning hangover worthwhile.

The Afore Mentioned Friendship performance (part 1 of 2)

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