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Spot The Local Music Curmudgeon - November 22nd Edition

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Leon casino,

-A weekly blog where I highlight one show I definitely expect to attend (see *) and throw in a few more that I'd like to and might see given the money and the time.-

Damn, it's been nutters this week. Let's see there was the Theresa K. exhibit. I missed the bands but it was still pretty cool. Let's just say her Huey Lewis story is pretty funny. Ummm, let's see, oh yes, and I'm still nursing a hangover from last night's Rudz show. Black Black Gold were pretty good but the mix just wasn't happening (Joe where are you?!!), Welfare Mothers was swell (especially seeing Kyle back on guitar), Monocles stirred up the pot, and Born Liars (pictured left) done went and tumped it over. Quite brilliant all the way around even if I did have to walk off the booze before I could drive back home.

This Week's Spotlight

Friday November 23 - Balaclavas (CDEP release) / Rusted Shut / Laws (tape release) / The Freed @ Notsuoh

Balaclavas 's music kicks an ominous ambiance with a post-punk sensibility. Listen to their myspace tracks and tell me they just don't spit passion. Tonight they have a new LTD Ed. CD which you are advised to purchase. Rusted Shut meanwhile are like your mean old crazy uncle except with guitars, amps, and his name is Don Walsh. How long until Notsuoh bans them? Who knows but soon enough so catch them now while you can. LAWS meanwhile is 3/4th of Gay Marriage a band whose brilliance and importance I can never understate. LAWS is all in-your-face aggressive fury with a brutal rhythm section and blood pouring the lungs vocals - not to be missed and hell they too have a release (tape) which you are advised to pick up as well. Thee Freed returns with it's all star line-up Will, Mlee, Jeff and a bunch of effects pedals.

Also This Week

*Thursday November 22
Blades, Basses Loaded, Friendship!!!
Yeah this is my kind of thanksgiving. Blades will bring the proggy math rock you so crave. Basses loaded was described to me once as "a hella lot of low end and a hella lot of testosterone!" OK!! Works for me. And friendship will guarantee that every hipster hater will be hatin' on this show. Let 'em, it's gonna kick ass.

Thursday November 22
5th Annual Veggie Thanksgiving Potluck, featuring
Acoustic?,Suspenderman , Poopy, & Flakey
@ Super Happy Fun Land (bring veggie dish)
Sick of turkey and the folks. Well yr. in luck SHFL bring your veggie dishes and a feast of great music. John Musak brings his more folksy offering - Acoustic?. Suspenderman will serve up your brain on a platter. Poopy and Flakey will bring on the reality twisting aperitifs. Eat up!

Saturday November 24
Hearts of Animals, Oculous Sinister, Wicked Poseur
@ Rudyard's

I'm going to be bummed about missing this one. First off you have HOA which will be featured in December's Free Press. I had a debate as to whether describing her song Underwater Staggie as masterful was a bit much. I figured after much debate that that would be an understatement; HOA is easily one of the best things going on in Houston right now! Oculous Sinister meanwhile is a band put together by Mlee to spotlight the work of her friend Mark Richardson. Given her enthusiasm I'd venture to say it's worth your time to catch them. Wicked Poseur is all poppy dance happy music so bring your dancin' shoes!

Saturday November 24
El Desmadre, Pig Skewer, Dissent, Hasbeens, Hypo-Christians, Insecticide
@ Southmore House III

What you say Southmore House lives again at the old Bill Hicks Resurrection?!! Hell yes! You can't keep a good scene down! Celebrate the return of all things Hard and Core. It will be loud, fast, and crushing like all good things on this Earth.

Sunday November 25
Mia Kat Empire Showcase, featuring
Hollywood Black, Buxton, The Ride Home & Oui
@ Walter's on Washington
Ya gotta admire Mia Kat's spunk and kicking out its mix of poppy alterna-pop music. Of these, I like the acoustic Buxton bestest but I'm sure you have your favorite too. ;)

Monday November 26
Psychedelic Horseshit, Pink Reason
@ Sound Exchange
(8PM; free, but donations to bands encouraged)
Fuck your Protools!!!! Siltbreeze recording artists Psychedelic Horseshit play pop with a decidedly low-fi recording that sounds like analog never died. Pink Reason meanwhile...holy crap they have a cover of Freebird??!! Well, you know what to shout during their set!

*Tuesday November 27
Charalambides, Alasdair Roberts
@ The Orange Show
Charalambides are one of Houston's most respected bands even if it's been a while since they lived here [Tom and Christina now live on opposite coasts nowadays]. Yes, I actually got (I shit you not) an e-mail from Artforum magazine asking to look at some photos I took of them at Rudyard's last year. Yes that's right Art Forum is doing a piece on Charalambides. Of course forging an internationally respected career over more than a decade may not make Charalambides worthy of some local paper's top 100 but it sure as hell makes mine! My band is moving even rehearsal just to catch them. Oh yes and Alasdair Roberts is a Scottish folk musician whose work is also quite worthy of your time too.

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At November 22, 2007 9:25 PM , Anonymous man said...


At November 23, 2007 4:58 PM , Anonymous Gregs said...

SHFL is still open?

At November 23, 2007 7:51 PM , Blogger Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Yes SHFL is still open at it's classic location until sometime in January when they will be forced to move to an as yet undetermined location. It seems that there is always at least on interesting looking show at SHFL that makes it onto my preview blog each week - or haven't you been paying attention. ;)

Maybe I was being overly pessimistic in a prior blog and gave the wrong impression. That's likely because I always find clubs moving to be a dodgy affair so I personally take any move to be a "Hope for the best expect the worst" situation. Southmore House made a smooth transition to the old Bill Hick Resurrection location and SHFL seems to have put enough forethought into it to not make me fret much about their coming back in a reasonable time after the House demolition begins.

You can't keep a good scene down.

At November 24, 2007 8:09 AM , Anonymous Omar said...

Yeah- SHFL has found a new spot in the Nance-Warehouse District right next to Last Concert Cafe. It should be a clutch move as they will be bigger, not have any neighbors, and will be near other venues.

At November 24, 2007 4:50 PM , Blogger Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Bad ass!

You know that shoudl be posted as a blog. That's great news! My band rehearses on Sterrit street that's awsome!!!

At November 28, 2007 5:37 PM , Anonymous omar said...

Well, it looks like SHFL has something else up their sleeve and will not release address just yet...soon enough


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