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Friday, June 20, 2008

A quick and Dirty Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of June 20th 2008

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:01 AM

Leon casino,

(Apologies, I am vacation so this is a very quick and abbreviated preview. So check out Skyline and Space City Rock for shows I may have missed. Oh and don't forget about ongoing free shows at The Shady Tavern on Saturday)

It's a tough call but I gotta go with Keiji Haino

Saturday, June 21
Keiji Haino (acoustic set)
@ Richmond Hall (The Menil Collection, 1500 Richmond; 7:30PM, free)

Sunday, June 22
Keiji Haino (electric set)
@ Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex (2201 Preston; 7:30PM, $13/$10)

Haino has been making some of the most adventurous music out there. Be it his more quiet contemplative pieces or his loud and densely layered work, it's simply great stuff and that's just his recordings - this will be live and in the flesh! Also, I believe this may be his first Houston performance and that alone should be a thrill to most music loving Houstonians. Sadly I'll be out of state and miss out but I suggest you be adventurous yourself - especially if you haven't heard anything by him - and take your pick: quiet and free or$13 and amplfied. You can't go wrong.

Friday, June 20

The Red Dons/The Estranged/Something Fierce/Teenage Kicks
@ Rudyard's

More garage and pop punk than the doctor recommended dose.

Anarchitects / Lady Binx
@ The White Swan
I don't know anything about Lady Binx but if you want to kick it with the finest of the old school you can't do better than the Anarchitechts.

Ladyheat/The Tontons/Piano Vines/Earnie Banks @ The Backroom (The Mink)
Tontons are so good that if you haven't seen them, I can only shake my head in pity.

Saturday, June 21
Faun Fables / The Invincible Czars / The Judas Bear @ The Backroom (The Mink)
Austin's instrumental Czars are coolness. Judas Bear also makes us all giddy.

Riverboat Gamblers / Amplified Heat
@ Rudyard's
Let there be rock!

STARBUCKS MIXED MEDIA Music Series presents:
Fucking Transmissions
Wooo free Fucking T's at the MFAH . For once, being flat ass broke is not so bad a thing.

Sunday, June 22
Tom Waits
@ Jones Hall
I seriously doubt I have to tell you who this is. I'd also seriously doubt any tickets are left for sale by now.

Real Live Tigers / Redbear. / Sabra Laval / Cory Derden
@ Notsuoh
It's Sabra! I need say no more.

Monday, June 23

Rusted Shut / Psychedelic Horseshit / Fabulous Diamonds / The Wiggins @ The Mink
Are you as freaked about the Wiggin's record release as I am? I hope so! It has to rock! So, if heading down to pick up one of the 300 copies isn't incentive enough Psychedelic Horeshit and Rusted Shut will have to hunt you down and make you reconsider.

Thursday, June 26
Matt & Kim/The Death Set/Team Robespierre/Reggie Watts/Jonah Ray @ Walter's on Washington

OK so sue me there is something I really enjoy about the happy happy joy joy music of M&K. I mean even songs about being hassled by cops are peppy.

Recession Thursdays, featuring
///Tense///, Future Blondes, Balaclavas, & Voidmate
@ Numbers
This one is all awesomeness...more info this Thursday


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