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Friday, August 15, 2024

The Music Crumudgeon's preview for the Week of August 15, 2024

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 12:01 AM

I was talking with a friend this afternoon about being broke-ass! Well how appropriate because this week if just made for penny pinchers as there are a slew of great shows that will cost you nothing. Like a rolling stone, like a rolling stone, like the FBI and the CIA, and the BBC--BB King, and Doris Day...Matt Busby. Dig it, dig it, dig it:


Thursday, August 14 - Sunday August 16th
Two Star Symphony Orchestra
@ Rice University, Hamman Hall,

(entrance 20 and 21 off Sunset Blvd.)
(Seating begins at 7:30 - first come first serve)
Described as "a fusion of light and sound designed and directed by Matthew Schlief" this is probably the biggest thing going down this week. Matthew Schlief (Rice) will be incorporating some new stage light technology, Genevieve Durham DeCesaro (Texas Tech) is handling the choreography, but the star of the event will be Houston's Two Star Symphony whose music never fails to tickle our ears with a cleverness and wit that is never self conscious or precious. If you missed out on their packed show at Rudz a few weeks ago, you should make it a point of seeing this. The quartet will actually be augmented by some great local musicians - (Chris Bakos (bass), Cathy Power (marimba/percussion), Kirk Suddreath (percussion) and John Duboise (clarinet) - which will be a treat. I can't recommend this more highly.


Friday, August 15 -
Warehouse party w/
Riff Tiffs, The Wild Moccasins, The Eastern Sea
@ 2220 Commerce

Well if you didn't get enough of the Riff Tiffs and The Eastern Sea last night you can see them again but this time with the Wild Moccasins. Like I said last week...You want to know where the party is, it's wherever the Wild Moccasins are playing on a given week. This just proves that point. Bonus this warehouse party is guaranteed to come with a roof and since you have to bring your own beer, you know your favorite beer will surely be available.


Wednesday, August 20 -
Release Party For Ditchwater Zine #2
Featuring Chocolate Crucifix
@ Sound Exchange

Local Zine Ditchwater #1 sold out long ago with pictures of various local music luminaries (we particularly liked the Waldo-like "Where's Jandek" page). We don't know what's in this second issue beyond the cover on the flyer (right) but the important thing is Chocolate Crucifix will be playing and they claim they will play like a billion songs in 8 minutes. OK maybe it was something more like 70 songs in 8 minutes but I can't find the post they made on for the exact number. Still you get the idea - it'll be over before you know it and the band comes armed with Smarties. Hardcore, candy, zines, BYOB, and you can even get some record shopping done. Awesomeness!
[Full Disclosure: Ditchwater zine is published by the curmudgeon's wife .]

and don't forget there's also -
FREE THINGS # 4 - 10

Friday August 15,
DJ Jester
on The Revelry Report On KTRU
(6pm – 7pm)
If you are cheap AND lazy this is the event for you! Wooo KTRU!

Saturday, August 16,

The Gougers (in-store)
@ Cactus Music
Another free in store at Cactus.

Saturday, August 16,
Saturday Secret Shows
@ The Shady Tavern

Another free show of secret bands.

Saturday, August 16,
Left Alone Art Opening
Featuring the photography and video work of Rachel Hewlett, Kristy Peet, David McClain, Jennifer L. F. McNichols, Ben Aqua and Mike Ruiz and a video installation by Frederique de Montblanc.
Music By DJ Plank
@ Artstorm (located within Caroline Collective)
(7-10PM) FREE!
Artstorm openings are always fun combining solid art, music, and booze. This one should be no different. Thanks skyline for the reminder.

Saturday, August 16 - Fever Tree Rising
KPFT Simulcast
(4:30PM) FREE!
@ Dan Electro's Guitar Bar
(probably not Free)
I'm a bit confused as to whether Dan Electro's will be charging but the simulcast is free and can chill at home to an updated line-up of a classic Houston 60's Psych band.

Monday, August 18
The Watermarks / Death By Texas
@ Boondocks
If it's Monday, it's free music night at Boondocks!

Wednesday, August 20
Bun B /Orgone / DJ Ayres
@ Warehouse Live
He ran away with the Houston Press Music Awards, but the Houston Press pretty much blew-off writing a feature on the winner this year which spares Mr. Bun the HPMA cover curse.

ALSO THIS WEEK (...and not free)

Friday, August 15

CEX/Stove Blow/ Best Fwends G Styles
@ The Mink

Rjyan Claybrook Kidwell peddles computer driven dance music, Houston trio Stove Blow peddles in the proggy, while Austin's Best Fwends has them all beat. Why? They have a brilliantly trashy cover of James Gangs' Funk 49 on their myspace. You can never go wrong with James Gang! Download it and thank me later. Fuck Yeah!
err never mind that whole James Gang thing.

Nate Singleton & His Sideshow Tragedy/The Literary Greats
@ Rudyard's
If you're looking for a more rootsy way to spend your Friday, Austin's Sideshow Tragedy and Houston's Literary Greats might be just up your alley.

Saturday, August 16

Nine Inch Nails/A Place To Bury Strangers
@ Toyota Center
You may remember the headliner from the soundtrack to Quake.

Arthur Yoria / Pale / Glasnost
@ Rudyard's

Prolific pop tunesmith Arthur Yoria hits Rudz.

Freddie Steady / Fever Tree Rising
@ The Continental Club

Fever Tree Rising is some incarnation of Fever Tree - a late 60's Houston psychedelic band who scored a minor hit with San Francisco Girls back in the day. I can't say I'm particularly into their stuff but from a historical standpoint it's kind of interesting.

Sunday, August 17

Ghost Town Trio/ Tin Armor/ O Pioneers!!!/ Bright Men of Learning
@ The Mink (Early show - 8PM)
Ohio's finest versus Houston's finest. No offense to the out-of-town bands but the locals alone are worth the admission and
the Monday hangover. Eric of Oh Pioneers' always looks like he's about to have an aneurysm on stage at any moment and Bright Men of Learning is one of the sharpest group of rootsy rock lads in town.

Super Happy Fun Land Annual Leo Party, featuring
Poopy Lungstuffing, The Annoysters, Acoustic ?, A Bubble in the Sun, Michael Fletcher, Concrete Violin, The Delta Block, Lluvia Dr
eams, & more
@ Numbers
Super Happy Funland may be in exile for the moment but their traveling band of SHFL regulars should be quite fun.

Lyle Lovett and His Large Band/Asleep At The Wheel
@ Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion
Even if you're not from Texas, Lyle wants you to know that Texas loves you anyway.

Thursday, August 21

The Melvins / Big Business
@ Warehouse Live
The Melvins are doing more than touring with Big Business they now are 50% Big really they are. I don't know but that combination sounds like a whole lotta ass-whoppin' to me.

Xiu Xiu/Carla Bozulich/Common Eider, King Ider
@ The Orange Show (7PM; $10)
Xiu Xiu is to be honest a little to histrionic for my taste. But The Geraldine Fibbers' Carla Bozulich looks to a lot more unpredictable and interesting. She's an artist who takes chances and jumps between the abstract and the more straight ahead but hardly with the preciousness of the headliner.

Recession Thursdays, featuring
Something Fierce, Generation Landslide, Alkari, & Television Skies
@ Numbers

More deets on Thursday of course but it's going to be awesomeness...errrr...I mean Clutch. This is after all an Omar Afra organized show. If Omar's behind it, it's clutch!


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