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Monday , November 18 2013
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Comedian Doug Benson Lights Up Houston This Weekend


doug_bensonBy David H.

If Snoop Dog, or as he’s known now, Snoop Lion is the marijuana ambassador for hip hop, then certainly comedian Doug Benson could be considered comedy’s pot ambassador.  With a documentary called “Super High Me” on regular rotation on Hulu, another documentary “The Greatest Movie Ever Rolled,” and a video podcast on VPN titled “Getting Doug With High;” Benson has cemented himself with the cannabis culture that’s so ever present today.  But, it’s not just weed jokes and bong hits, as Benson has great comedic timing and can deliver a joke better than most sober stand ups around.  With bits about McGriddles, the always hilarious podcast “Doug Loves Movies,” and a feverish schedule of live dates, Benson brings his brand of humor for two live dates to town this weekend.

First up, is a stand up show at Warehouse Live on Friday, November 15.  From all accounts, Benson’s stand up performance recently at Austin’s Fun Fun Fun Fest stole the show of comedic performances for the weekend.  With a door time of 7:00, and a show time of 8:00; I’d advise getting your $20.00 tickets prior to Friday, as our recent cold weather will make for a chilly line to stand in to get tickets.  Then, if you hadn’t laughed enough or heard enough pot references to get a contact high, Benson returns Saturday, November 16 for a live version of “The Benson Movie Interruption,” where Doug and friends will make you laugh till’ you cry at the heartfelt film, “Love Actually.”  This of course, takes place at the Vintage Park Alamo Drafthouse appropriately, at 4:20 p.m.  This show is also $20.00, and as per most Drafthouse special events, it will more than likely sell out prior to performance.

So, whether you’re a dedicated stoner, or a laugh enthusiast; either Benson performance is definitely worth checking out. Plus, I’m fairly certain that your typical Friday night fare of “Classic Numbers” or your Saturday quest to Home Depot will still be there next weekend.  And by supporting Benson while he’s in town, you can guarantee that he and comics like him will always come back.  Or, you’ll at least help him cover the alarming cost of curing his munchies.

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