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CRASIS: When Art and Technology Collide

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By David H

   Some people might think, that when art, music, and technology collide; the world may cease to exists.  It seems that no matter how advanced we become as a society, there will always be those who cannot accept art conceived or designed from technology.  However, this isn’t a feeling shared by all, including the minds behind CRASIS, an art installation taking place on February 22nd.  For one night only, these worlds will collide in an orgasmic mix of technology and creativity that promises to be something we should all experience over at The Brandon Gallery, in the former Domy space.


   Without getting too technical, CRASIS looks like what life inside the world of TRON would look like.  Visually the exhibition will be that of several installations that encompass all of the three rooms of The Brandon.  This includes an {exurb} installation that mixes light squares coupled with an arpeggio trigger to be utilized in an interactive way that also form patterns.  The evening begins with the music of James Templeton of LIMB, who will performing two compositions written just for the installation.  Anyone who’s heard LIMB should be impressed to see the handmade instruments that Templeton has built just for this show; including a pvc based 808 and a ceiling fan based instrument.   A performance from Eric Todd and FLCON FCKER follow with an interactive projection exhibit, where the projections will form walls.  As trippy as Todd’s music is, it can only get better when it’s encapsulated with such an installation coupled with FLCON FCKER’s synths.   This can only be followed by Austin’s Roger Sellers, who mixes ambient noise with pretty much every other musical element in his performances.  The evening is closed by the rare and creative performance by Stephen Farris.  Farris’ performance should be a real treat for any fan of analog synths; and if you’re lucky; copies of his VHS formatted album from 2024 will be on hand as well.  This will all be encompassed by a site specific sculpture from the funnel tunnel creator, Patrick Renner, that swallows the building.

This is truly a must see event for any fan of art, technology, or EDM; especially if you’re a fan of all three.  The culmination of the homemade instruments, the interactive art, and the music within; should truly make CRASIS one of the better art shows of 2024.  The doors open at 6:00, with performances to begin at 8:00.  Admission is FREE, and as with most art shows, complimentary beverages will be available, even those provided by a local brewery.  If the world does cease to exist from all of these elements coming together, it will at least mean that we will go out with a bang.

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