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 Michael Bergeron
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The Boxtrolls & Fincher-fest

The Boxtrolls & Fincher-fest
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Leon casino, I couldn’t immediately wrap my head around The Boxtrolls. This animated entry from Focus Features treads in the same area as films like Nightmare Before Christmas and Coraline.

That is to say that Boxtrolls dwells in a kind of dark parallel universe environment, highlighted by gooey things like bugs and melted cheese. Unlike the mentioned films guided by Tim Burton and Henry Selick, The Boxtrolls never really seems to have that sub textual current that keeps adults geared into the story aimed at kids. The Boxtrolls is really for youngsters who are going through their gross phase.

The Boxtrolls live deep in the sewers underneath a city out of the 19th century. The town itself is divided into the rich who wear wonderful hats that the workers covet. Likewise the rich enjoy cheese as an expensive delicacy and the same substance makes the workers swell, making them even more grotesque than they already are. Voice work by Ben Kingsley, Nick Frost, Richard Ayoade, Tracy Morgan and others redeems the movie somewhat, as does the overall design.

fight-club-fight-club-4748124-1706-960ALSO ON

The Alamo Drafthouse Vintage Park unwinds a David Fincher double feature Saturday, September 27 in anticipation of next week’s release of Gone Girl. Starting at 5 pm., with Fight Club and followed by Se7en. It’s a great chance to see these two early Fincher classics on the big screen. The event is sponsored by the Houston Film Critics Society.

- Michael Bergeron

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