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Destroyer of Light - Feb 13th at Rudyards

Destroyer of Light – Feb 13th at Rudyards
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By Christian Larson


Austin has turned out a ton of killer heavy bands. Destroyer of Light falls into this category. Heavy, good riffs and tons of head banging. What else do you really need?



I had the pleasure seeing these guys a few years back at SXSW and it was kick ass. Loud and heavy. Since then these guys have been tearing it up all around the country on tour and have released two records. They even landed a spot on the Psycho California festival this spring with headliners including Sleep and Pentagram.


Their new record, Bizarre Tales Vol 2, is a heavy doomy record full of eerie vocals that reminds me of old doom legends like Candlemass, but more evil and psychedelic, with lots of good melody going on through the entire record and some killer riffs that hit you hard. All this keeps a steady groove through the entire record that brings it all together.<


A good pairing with Destroyer of Light on the bill is The Dirty Seeds. They have a stoner rock groove and I feel like they could jam out for days.


Don’t miss the show on February 13th at Rudyards.




  • Keegan J. Kjeldsen

    Date of the show is Thursday, February 12th, not the 13th. Thanks for the killer write-up! m/