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Getting To Know The FPSF Locals: Hiram

Getting To Know The FPSF Locals: Hiram
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Photo: Jay Tovar


This year, I felt like the best way to introduce some of the local acts on Free Press Summer Fest, was to actually hear from them directly.  While this series will drop regularly until the day of the festival, not all of the local artists will be interviewed.  FPH already interviewed some of the acts, and others are household names around town.  Others, like Hiram, are more known than you’d think.  The young producer recently dropped his old moniker, Yung Slutty in favor for one a little closer to home…his real name.  Part of the Prints NotPrince crew, the sounds this guy makes are the kinds that either make you wanna’ move, make you wanna’ make love, or make you just wanna’ chill in the Summertime with your homies.  Houston, get to know Hiram below and what he has in store for this year’s FPSF crowd.



FPH: You’ve actually done the festival before, but under your old name, Yung Slutty.  Is this the first big event you’ve done under the new name & why did you change it?

Hiram:  It’s actually the first booking I get since the name change…crazy. I basically just grew up. I’m a full time elementary school music teacher now. I love my job to death and I didn’t want to keep such a big part of my life a secret from my students or parents. Now I can really blossom into the mango tree that I am.



FPH: Your music has the vibe of the traditional slow jam dreamscape, can you describe your sound for those who aren’t familiar with you?


Hiram: It’s somewhere along the lines of R&B drums with tons and tons of layered synths. Although my DJ sets are radically different than the music I make, I’m working on bridging that gap by taking all those influences and adding my own flavor to it.



FPH: Since the name change, you’ve dropped a couple of singles, will we see a Hiram album anytime soon?


Hiram: Well, as of right now I’ve been sending demos out here and there. I actually just sent one out to the Red Bull Music Academy with an application that I put my entire heart and soul into. Wish me luck because I’ll be crying whether I get accepted or not. I almost cried when I was at the post office mailing it off! I’d say another 3-4 song EP wouldn’t be farfetched by the end of the year…but I don’t think an album will be ready.



FPH: You’ve said that you aren’t defined by a single genre, and to you, genres are dead; can you elaborate on that and what you mean by it?


Hiram: A few years ago I started realizing how often I saw DJs jumping back and forth from what’s popular. I decided to just start playing what I wanted and not putting so much focus on whether or not it’s a “banger”. Genres are dead to me because I don’t just listen to one style of music all day. I don’t just see one particular genre or song as a large influence on my music. I get inspired by everything I hear…sometimes it’s not even music. Sounds are inspiring. Dolphin sounds are inspiring.



FPH: Who is Hiram and what plans do you have for the project post FPSF?


Hiram: I’m Hiram. That’s my real name. I figure this is the way to show people what I really love and feel passionate about. I’ve actually been contacting a lot of my internet friends that are producers and asking them to contribute to a collective I started with a good friend of mine. Although it’s not ready for the launch, the website and a compilation will both surface at the same time. Expect it this summer. Along with that, I’ve been taking a pretty large role in a monthly party called A Really Kool Party at Fox Hollow which is focusing on bringing new flavor to Houston. In the last three months we had Lakim (Soulection), Mikos Da Gawd (Soulection) and DJ Shortkut (Beat Junkies). Other than that life has been pretty regular. Just eating a lot of unhealthy food and stuff. Shout out to Whataburger. Seriously.



FPH: What do you have in store for the crowd at FPSF and will you incorporate anything like visuals into your set?


Hiram: Hahaha I’m just going to say that 2024 was seriously a warm up. Expect some very different music from me at FPSF. If you want a taste, I’ve been recording little 10-15 minute sessions in my bedroom after work and posting them on my soundcloud. Go get some flavor y’all. THERE WILL BE WATER GUNS! There will probably also be some merch that I’ll be throwing out. As far as visuals go, I’d love some! It would be incredible to be all glitched out on those big screens. Time to hit some homies up about that!

You can catch Hiram on this year’s festival as one of the opening acts that gets the days started.  You can like him on Instagram here, or follow him on Soundcloud here.  When the schedule of performers drops, definitely keep an eye out for when his set is, as well as keep your eyes on what the young producer has going on after the festival.  With jams like his and a festival appearance so early on, I have a feeling we’ll be hearing much more from Hiram.