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 Mariam Afshar

Why FPHNYE is the Place to be

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By Mariam Afshar

All of the gifts have been purchased, wrapped, unwrapped and appreciated. All the food has been shoveled down our throats and the leftovers are stashed away in the fridge. You are sitting on the couch in your new Christmas jammies, flipping through the channels, when it suddenly hits you: There is one holiday left of the season and you have done nothing to plan for it. Not to worry, we’re here to make planning easy. Here are 5 reasons why you should make FPHNYE your New Year’s Eve celebration spot.

1. We have been tirelessly working on this party for months and have planned every last detail. We took care of getting the booze to the party. We took care of the decorations and the entertainment. Snacks? Already taken care of for you. All you have to do is gather your friends, get your tickets and plan your transportation, leave the rest up to us. Also, NO CLEAN UP. We took care of that part too. Be lazy this New Year’s, let FPH and Pegstar.net Presents do all the work.

2. The food. It is not your typical store bought veggie platter or chips and sour cream or room temperature sandwiches, nor your average festival food of mystery meat hot dogs, and congealed nachos. The Gastrodome will have some of the best local food trucks and chefs from the best restaurants in Houston, who are reimagining what festival food should be. To accompany your delicious bites, there will be a St. Arnold Brewery beer garden, cocktails from Deep Eddy Vodka, a Byejoe (Chinese firewater) Spirit of China bar and champagne bars to toast to the New Year.

3. The musical acts. Get on stage with Girl Talk. See George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Shake your ass with Big Freedia, and sing along to American Fangs and Grandfather Child. There are more acts, but I don’t want this to turn into a list of too much awesome. Think about it, what other event or party will keep you this entertained for this amount of time? None. One can only stand so much tone deaf karaoke and small talk.

4. FPHNYE is a whole new genre for New Year’s Eve celebrations. This isn’t you going to your local watering hole for night, just like any other spent there, and it isn’t the city of Houston’s annual New Years Eve event. This is the winter festival that so many have asked for. FPH and Pegstar.net Presents have moved their 6th annual FPHNYE from Fitzgerald’s to Sam Houston Park in Downtown Houston. More space for more people, which means more options for that New Year’s kiss, bad ass food and drinks, and amazing performances from some of the best artists. The only thing you are are responsible for is getting yourself home safely after all the festivities.

5. There will be NO CHILDREN. We will say it again. NO CHILDREN. This party is 18 and up, so you won’t have to watch your language or keep it down once the tiny screaming one passes out. Cuss, yell, laugh and dance as loud as you want!

This isn’t your run of the mill music festival or holiday party. This is something new and never before done by FPH and Pegstar.net Presents. Get in on the ground floor with this party, enjoy it, tell us what you think. This could become your annual NYE tradition.

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3 Responses to Why FPHNYE is the Place to be

  1. DJ Drrrty Poonjabi December 26, 2024 at 7:07 pm

    This is going to be MASSIVE!!!

  2. Me December 27, 2024 at 11:07 am

    No mention of the “interactive light art and projections”? I’m curious to see the “interactive” part of the lights. I hope they’re not counting the operator pushing buttons as an interaction.

  3. Me January 3, 2024 at 4:05 pm

    An just like that, no “interactive” anything. I don’t even remember seeing a projector. Nice show, though. But your staff is trying to hard. No need to put buzzwords you don’t understand on a flyer to make people think you’re the most happening thing ever. Just do a good show.

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