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 Mariam Afshar
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#standwithme Film Premiere

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By Mariam Afshar
Studio Movie Grill in City Center will premiere #standwithme, a documentary about Vivienne Harr’s story that also exposes modern day slavery. A photo of two young boys carrying stones on their heads sparked something in this amazing young girl. Her reaction to the photo was pure and simple, “They should be playing.” Vivienne decided that she wanted to help save 500 children from slavery by selling lemonade. A lot of lemonade. She has raised over 1 million dollars and counting.
#Make a Stand! Lemon-aid is currently only for sale in California and not just at her lemonade stand but at retailers all over. If you are a retailer or restaurant owner and wish to sell #Make a Stand! Lemon-aid at your store, restaurant or coffee shop, you can contact Jared Souza by email at jared@makeastand.com or by phone at 707.480.3656.
Check out the documentary and start making a difference.
What: #standwithme Premiere
Where: Studio Movei Grill
822 Town & Country Blvd

Houston, Texas
(713) 461-4449
When: Thursday, February 20th, 7:30pm
Admission: $15 for one, $25 for two
Website: Studio Movie Grill

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