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$100 Baller Ads- Locals Only


Do you qualify to ballify with a $100 Baller Ad in Free Press Houston?


 Drop up a line at advertising@freepresshouston.com to save your space. 

If you’re a local Houston small business you can reserve your space in the next print issue of FPH and/or the upcoming FPH Weekly Newsletter.

First come, first serve. Space is very limited.

Get more exposure when you choose the newsletter add-on option.

Print and newsletter options available. 

Local Houston small businesses/individuals only. Sorry, but some companies will not qualify to ballify at this rate. Examples of companies that do qualify: Tattoo parlors, local bands and artists promoting shows, small business service providers such as local moving companies, recycling crews, cleaning crews, etc. Just ask if you qualify! And if not, we’re still cheap enough for most budgets and we don’t require contracts on month-to-month ads (but you get a better deal if you stick around a while.)

FPH has a right to refuse any advertisement/company.

Payments must be made in advance for Baller Ads.