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Give it up for 226 Recordings: Houston’s newest recording studio!

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Leon casino, When I was at the White Rabbits show a few weeks ago I struck up a conversation with two nice young women about the upcoming Summer Fest and after some chatting one of them told me about a new recording studio in the Heights. Her boyfriend, Sean, is an engineer at the studio and after the show she introduced me to the studio’s owner and Chief Engineer, Paul Cox (pictured below).

With that, last Thursday I attended their grand opening party, took a tour of the studio, and snapped some pictures for you good people. This place is a very ritzy little operation. All the studios I’ve seen in the past are little more than glorified warehouses, cold, metallic, without much more accoutrement other than the recording equipment but 226 Recordings is elaborately furnished, cozy, and doesn’t seem like it would be a bad place to spend a few hours. Engineer Sean, showed me the sophisticated equipment the studio has to offer which includes both analogue and digital gear.

Sean, 226 Engineer

I was told about two locals bands that have recorded at 226 since it opened in February: Cavernous and Jody Seabody and the Whirls. I met up with members of Jody Seabody and the Whirls after touring 226 and upon getting back to my computer I’ve given them a listen and they’re awesome. The Whirls play some good, old-fashioned, garage-rock with an appealing DIY sound to it.  It will be interesting to what other acts the studio attracts in the coming months. The best of luck to 226 Recordings: Houston’s newest recording studio!