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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dig it! Tonight's Recession Thursday with Future Blondes, //Tense//, Voidmate, Balaclavas, & A Thousand Cranes

posted by Ramon Medina - LP4 @ 6:46 AM

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This week we're having celebrity Hands Up Houston's mystery poster MOOBS will do the honors... Take it away MOOBS.

Future Blondes: In the future, Blondes bring the promise their stereotypes imply through a crucial brew of amibiguous lazer like musical truths affecting their audiences palate like light sabers through butter. This incantation should only be invoked by the spiritually prepared and the sonically seasoned ears of a sage floating over humanity like a cloud bringing rain (slowed, heavy, filled with potentiality, and ready to pour).

//TENSE// : Regarless of your minds-eye's literal nomenclature this band sets the precedence for all forms of action yet to be defined e.g. VERBS. //TENSE// is not just a name, but rather the vehicle for action. These guys aurally and physically remind me of what preceeds action; POTENTial Energy coiled like a slinky under an elephants foot. it doesn't hurt that seemingly this energy is wrapped in cellophane like crack and as easily accessible to masses. Im glad Jim Jones didn't have packages of //TENSE// to disseminate.

BALACLAVAS: TWO MAN ENTER, ONE MAN LEAVE. If you're not interested in having your soul disassembled and handed to you re-wrapped in an aluminum muffler i suggest you not enter their world. They'll caress your sweet spot as they simultaneously shank you as they sing your favorite nursery rhymn in a round.

VOIDMATE: a hand to hold in the dark, a car to let you in on the freeway, or a soul to take your place at the gallows? They fill holes as fast as Dubba's pen creates them. The audic equivalent of checks and balances. Its {already} in your head, filler.

A Thousand Cranes: "A Thousand Cranes through a thousand brains filled with love they now contain what remains when sincerities are maintained and shared with bodies paired by emotion layered by those who dared"

(Bonus Thousand Crane Description by MOOBS!!!! Well, he thought that's all I asked him to do at first. So, since he bothered to write it why not post it eh?)

A Thousand Cranes is a music collaborative formed in Houston, Texas. The two founding members of A Thousand Cranes are Travis Kerschen (Vocals and general Tom Foolery) and Shawn Rameshwar (Noise, drones, and darkend cynicism). While Shawn Rameshwar was previously apart of various non-mainstream independent groups in and around Houston Texas.

Both members shared a common bond by way of a mutual appreciation for Pharoah Sanders and Alice Coltrane. They continued into the light with a mutually agreed upon vision that A Thousand Cranes be grounded in the sacred, experimental, jazz, and noise influences they shared.

With a grounding in the sacred, jazz, and noise influeces shared by both members A Thousand Cranes set out to discover avenues to the induction of meditation as a means to pull their audiences into the vortex of shared human experience. This lofty ambition has manifested
itself in the use of generally accepted and imprinted modalities of the human psyche in an attempt to facillitate the divergence of time and space with the simultaneous convergence of humanity with the divine, all within the context of a sacred performance piece.

A Thousand Cranes intends the utilization of universally imprinted archetypes of the human psyche (e.g. fire, drones, chanting, meditation, love, and sex) will offer their audiences a common ground and recognizable pathways to rationalise the abandonment of their own
perception of reality and the inherent dogmatic noose consensual reality creates around the neck of man.

A Thousand Cranes is currently experimenting with conceptulization processes and tinkering with their inability to love themselves.


At June 26, 2008 12:02 PM , Anonymous Eunuch said...

Way to go MOOBS and Ramon! Way to go Recession!

At June 26, 2008 5:21 PM , Blogger Betty said...

Travis Kerschen, lead singer ROCKS--talented and cute! THOUSAND CRANES TONIGHT!!

At June 26, 2008 5:23 PM , Blogger Betty said...

THOUSAND CRANES at Numbers? I'm there.


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