Wednesday, August 6, 2024

Almost a true story..

posted by Free Press Houston @ 7:34 AM

Her Satanic Majesty, Carolyn Farb who is our 2024 Worst of Houston 'Worst Philanthropist' and so called 'First Lady of Philanthropy', took FPH illustrator Tim Dorsey and I out for a night of debaucherous worship of the malevolent demigod Sabeoth. After a chance meeting at one of the various and sundry Red Bull Art of can parties, she lured young Dorsey and I back to her lair where we engaged in dark rituals and drunken shenanigans till the wee hours of the morning. We drank the blood of the innocent from infant skulls and danced to Wagner in various states of undress. I must say, that despite her 143 years of age, her stamina exceeds that of a teenager. After an evening of exhausting and near tortuous licentiousness, we grew hungry and decided to hit up La Tapatia. She had the Verde Enchiladas whereas Timmy and I shared a Burrito. Bewildered and still reeling from our first blood rituals, she dropped Tim and I off at home and bid us farewell.


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