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Bushfest 2024: Go Natural

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Two years ago, a Facebook comment about women being unattractive for not shaving their armpits erupted into a flame war. During the ensuing comment battle, Tania Rivas posted a flyer about a fake festival called “Bushfest” as a joke. Oddly enough, the flyer received enough attention that people expressed interest in making this faux festival a reality.

Cut to today as we’re only days away from the real-life version of Bushfest, a festival founded around the “positive expression of naturalness and how a hairy person can be just a little bit sexy,” Rivas says.

Taking place at Khon’s on Saturday, the all-day festival features music, art, dance performances, poetry readings, a silent auction and a raffle. Gio Chamba is headlining the event with a dancey DJ set at 1 am, although the event kicks off at 9 am with more than a dozen performances on the festival’s two stages continuing all day, including indie soul act Mind Shrine and experimental band Frog Hair, as well as comedy from Liz Padjen and Britt Vasicek.


In addition to performances, there will also be a contest for “best expression of a bush,” which personally sounds like an amazing idea and I can only imagine what kinds of representations will be featured.

There’s a suggested $10 donation for admission, which you really can’t beat for an all-day festival.

Bushfest 2024 takes place at Khon’s (2808 Milam) from 9 am to 2 am on Saturday.