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Children Of Pop Debut New Remix

Children Of Pop Debut New Remix
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Photo: Scott Doyle


Earlier this week, FPH had a chance to sit down with Houston’s most prolific artist, Chase DeMaster to chat about his latest project with Noah of Josiah Gabriel and MKE.  As per usual, Chase had more things going on than most artists do today.  His mainstay act, Children Of Pop will be headed out for tour very soon, and that will encapsulate the rest of April.  Meaning roughly, that if you’re a huge fan of his musical journeys, then you won’t get a chance to hear his stuff until May.  When chatting, DeMaster brought up that he had a new remix for Philadelphia artist, Dream Safari.  Dream Safari isn’t a far stretch from what DeMaster does in Children Of Pop, so it feels like a great idea for him to have a song remixed by the always busy Houston act.  The song, “Starzone” in its original form reminds you a lot of what Children Of Pop does.  It has a very catchy pop hook, the vocals have a very landscaped and breathy feel, and it’s definitely a track you’ll want to play on repeat.


Because DeMaster is a one man promotion machine, he offered up the remix to debut here in Free Press Houston.  The remix, chops and cuts the original pace of the track while still keeping it as dancey and pop-tinged as the original.  It definitely has that Children Of Pop sound all over the track, which clocks in shorter than the original version.  The way that DeMaster reworked the vocals alone is pretty amazing sounding, and it’s definitely a song I wouldn’t mind hearing on a future Children Of Pop DJ set.

The remixed song can be found here, and you can catch Children Of Pop this Thursday at The Nightingale Room, when they open for Austin’s Blue Healer.  The 21 & up show has doors at 7:30 and it’s 100% FREE.