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Deep Cuts Fills Up The House

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Photo: Scott Doyle


Deep Cuts has been on a tear since releasing last year’s “Love Grows” EP.  This time it’s a 7” complete with two new tracks that show something different.  Taking off where the “Love Grows” EP left off, Deep Cuts returns with two songs that show a new side of the band which holds onto that Gulf Coast vibe while going a bit more streamlined.

Things kick off with the title track, or A side, “While The House Fills Up.”  What’s immediately different is the raucous way in which the song kicks off with a thunderous drum.  When the guitar comes in, it has this eighties new wave feel that sounds deeper than anything the band has done prior.  These swaths of guitar come in like being washed with paint, while the lead guitar cuts through both the drums and the rhythm guitar tracks.  There’s still that Deep Cuts feeling, but when the vocals come in, you realize that this lushly painted landscape that the band is creating, is something completely new.  The way that they structure the song with backing vocals and what sounds like electric keys; you’re left with something that stands on its own.  The beauty is that the bass plunks along in the background and only makes its presence known when it’s warranted.  And then, the songs ends before you know it.

One the second song, or B side, the band slows it down a bit with “Spill Some Ink.”  That’s not a bad thing though as they create a world where it feels like you’re drunk on a beach.  Their signature reverb heavy guitar sound is present while the drums and vocals dance about together.  When another guitar comes in, it creates a whole new sound while letting you know that this is still Deep Cuts.  There’s a sashayed guitar that comes in and out like they’re dangling a body over a cliff, and it adds to the allure of the song.  The effects heavy guitars would deviate from the song if anyone else attempted it; but they work perfectly on the track before things end just under the 3 minute and 45 second mark.

Though this is just two songs, I really like what the band is doing here.  Where there were times in the past when I wondered what direction these guys would go in; it’s obvious that they’re taking things in a new place with each release.  You can get your own copy of the 7”, when Deep Cuts plays at Fitzgerald’s on August 7th. The show will also have Austin’s Big Bill, Houston’s Young Mammals, Mantra Love, and a DJ set from Children of Pop.  the all ages show has doors at 8:00 and a $10.00 cover.