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Pizza Chef Says No To Burgers

Pizza Chef Says No To Burgers
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As CultureMap reported yesterday, pizza and fries chef Rishi Singh was fired by Bohemeo’s for refusing to make burgers.

“Pizzas are our thing,” Singh told CultureMap that he told the bar’s owners. “Why do you all of a sudden want to do burgers?”

“You already make fries,” the bar’s owners are said to have retorted. “Can burgers be that hard?”

The  whole tragedy could have been avoided if Singh or Bohemeo’s owners had taken a cue from Jolly Olde England, where the ever-innovative Pizza Hut has crafted a cheeseburger pizza. Yum!

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A photogenic couple with lots of tattoos will be taking Singh’s place.


Thank you, CultureMap, for keeping Houston informed.


In other news:

  • the U.S. bombed Iraq for the fifth day while trying to get rid of the Prime Minister we had previously installed;
  • protests continued in Ferguson, Missouri over the police killing of yet another unarmed African-American teenager;
  • the cease-fire between Israel and Hamas allowed Palestinian refugees to return home to their rubble;
  • Ebola claimed the thousandth person in a recent West African outbreak;
  • the erasure of Houston’s black history continued unabated;
  • a couple of dorks are opening up a new bar down the road from Bohemeo’s;
  • UFOs flew over Houston;


and the Chronicle reported that there might be more to the story.


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