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Shows That Cure The Holiday Blues

Shows That Cure The Holiday Blues
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By David H

I sincerely hope that everyone in Houston is having a splendid and safe holiday season.  While the sometimes depressing adventure that comes with too much family time can be draining, there’s a list of shows after Xmas and before New Year’s Eve; that will hopefully ease your pain.

I’m sure, that if I said Grove, Texas, most of you would scratch your heads.  But when a band goes from Grove, to Los Angeles; it’s a big step.  Barely Blind did just that and they’re making their return to our neck of the woods on Thursday, December 26 at Walter’s.  If the fact that these guys are giving their album away via their website isn’t cool enough, the show is only $7.00.  For those of you who aren’t in the know, these guys put on a great live show that by themselves would be worth the low cover charge.  However, with the hook laced goodness of Fox & Cats and the loud and chaotic thrill ride that is We Were Wolves opening the show; this should definitely cheer up anyone’s post Xmas blues.  This show is a great excuse to buy both of Houston’s best new albums from Fox & Cats and We Were Wolves and support a homecoming of sorts at the same time. It’s almost like a great stocking stuffer from your pals at Walter’s, with a 9:00 door.

I seriously have no idea what the allure of most of today’s hip hop artists is.  Are crunk cups still a thing?  I have no idea.  However, what I do know is that back in the day when rap was a poetic course on the underbelly of life in the hood; the most prolific & amazing act was Public Enemy.  A civil rights march set to music, the dual vocal stylings of Flavor Flav and Chuck D. are almost impossible to match by any artists of the past or even the present.  Sure, Flav had the idiotic reality show on VH1, and Chuck was almost the lead singer of Audioslave; but such enigmatic artists are always forgiven for a misstep or two.  On Friday the 27th at Warehouse Live, you can see the first act to successfully wage a war on the police before the members of NWA were able to hold microphones.  These guys are legends, like the rap version of The Clash, but much more able to still throw down.  The $25.00-$29.50 ticket price is a small fee to pay for the chance to see rappers that aren’t hocking headphones; and the opener  Phranchyze  should do nicely in warming you up from the cold.  Doors are at 8:00, and this is definitely the best thing happening this Friday.

In today’s world, twelve bucks usually doesn’t buy you very much.  But, thanks to Warehouse Live and Mark C. Austin, it will buy you nine bands on Saturday the 28th.  Yes, the Holiday Hangover Hell Yeah show will commence with a slew of touring and local acts in an attempt to cure your holiday blues.  Utilizing all three rooms at Warehouse, the roster looks like it’s worth every penny.  A DJ set by Fat Tony, the hypnotic sounds of Bagheera, and the trippy sounds of Dallas’ own Ishi start the evening.  Followed by the always amazing Featherface, Austin’s melodic & rhythmic Quiet Company, and the sweet and soulful sounds of Wild Child; also from Austin.  That’s a good mix of sounds, but it only gets better.  The soulful sounds of our very own The Suffers, the soon to be huge Tontons, and Los Skarnales round out the evening.  This is definitely a must see evening, as 2024 promises to be the year of The Tontons.  With a bristling tour schedule, festival appearances, and an amazing new album; The Tontons are soon to belong to the world, and not just Houston’s best kept secret.  This may be your last chance to see them before they blow up.  An 8:00 door time, and an 8:30 start time are reason enough to realize that this should be a fun filled evening.

So, the last official week in 2024 promises to be as amazing and eventful as the other fifty one weeks of this year.  There’s a lot of bang for your buck, and some not to miss shows that will gear you up for the intense hangover the following week holds in store.  Plus, with the the vast array of performances this week; you have no excuse to still suffer from the holiday blues.


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