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Thank you, Houston.

Thank you, Houston.
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FPSF 2024…holy crap, we did it. You did it. After a year of planning, we had SEVEN DAYS to start over and relocate the festival due to the flooding, one week to move a small city to safer, drier grounds. We are grateful for our sponsors who stayed on, and for the incredible FPSF site-ops team that pretty much died and kept working to make sure we still had a festival. But our biggest gratitude is reserved for you, the FPSF goer that braved the unknown to witness FPSF #7.

The entire Free Press Summer Festival staff will remember this festival as living proof that our city is brimming with beautiful, loyal music lovers ready to follow the music wherever it may take them. Thank you for being there.

Finally, if you didn’t see the message, or haven’t had the chance, please consider joining FPSF to raise funds for the Greater Houston 2024 Flood Relief FundDonate now to help your fellow Houstonians who were victims of last week’s flood. Your money will provide assistance in securing temporary housing, food, supplies, healthcare, transportation, and child care. From your mobile device, text ‘Houston‘ to 91999 then click the link in the reply for the donation form, or click here for the form.

Some photos by some bad ass photographers follow- more to come. Stay tuned…



Photos by Josh Robichaud

Josh Robichaud-2

Josh Robichaud


Photos by Julian Bajsel

Julian Bajsel- crowd

Julian Bajsel- Diarrhea Planet

Julian Bajsel- Major Lazer

Julian Bajsel- Steve Angello