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Wednesday, May 6, 2024

Events of the Week of My Return

posted by april5k @ 7:56 AM

Well, I'm back from tour. I contemplated doing a post about how great my tour was and all the wonderful things that I learned and experienced. But then I got home and remembered that this is Houston and misery loves company. So here, just read this list of shows and maybe you'll go to one of them, probably not, but I did what I could to spread the word. (If this were a myspace blog post I would have my mood set to "disillusioned".)

Well, I can assume that were anyone to go out tonight it would be to Jones Hall to see Flight of the Conchords. It's music. With jokes. I know you like that. But the real appeal to me of this show is Eugene Mirman. I've been a huge fan of Mirman's ever since my husband and the bartenders and I caught him opening for Langhorne Slim at Walter's years ago. He's the bad guy on Adult Swim's freaking awesome show Delocated. It might just be too late to get tickets to this so what else can you do? Well Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears are being AMAZING at Cactus at 5:30pm for an in-store warm up for their show tomorrow night. And it's kind of awesome that Snoop is at House of Blues tonight, but I don't know what kind of thing he's going lately, so it might be rad or it might be corny. And if none of that sounds good to you, I just check out Once a Pawn on myspace and shit yeah, it's cool. It's a little Discount-y, very 99'. You'd like it. Go see them at Notsuoh. And finally, when I was checking out the line-up at Jet Lounge I was expecting either that weird heavy-prog stuff that had been there before I left or, more likely from the band names some excrutiating black-t-shirt punk, but I gotta say I was surprised when I checked out the bands. No Risk are doing that quirky poppy-punky thing that isn't exactly my cup of tea, but then 13 Black Coffins come out of nowhere with this bombastic rockabilly-punk with a ska-ish edge that really brought me back to the old days when The Abyss was a club and not a description for the city itself. DJ's Ninja Star and Aubrie are sure to bust out with some boot-stompers in-between sets.

Following up on yesterday's promise to be AWESOME, Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears smash it up with rockers Lucero at Walter's. Way down at the other end of Shepherd Drive at Aztecas you've go the Summer Jammie Jam, with a whole slew of local acts: Spain Colored Orange, (You)genious, Dizzy Pilot, Neon Collars, The Gold Sounds, Ellypseas, Magnetic, Alkari, Cavernous, Las Imagenes Ocultas, The Journey Agents, and Blak Cyence. It starts at 3pm and along with some of the folks that have been around awhile, there's a bunch of new kids to the scene, maybe you'll find your next favorite local. And I mentioned Fitz up there a second ago, and I know there's this current move to take it back and all, and it kind of ties into this whole mid-to-late nineties resurgance that's been going on, anyhow Los Skarnales have been playing out a lot more lately and they're doing it tonight with Zydepunks and The Unzipped. So yeah, it seems like the whole rockabilly/ska scene is making a comeback. I know some people might roll their eyes, but it seems a lot more refined this time around. And well, what do you know over at The Meridian is a psychobilly show of global composition Germany's Mad Sin and the UK's Phantom Rockers. They're joined by local time bombs Blackmarket Syndicate and for some strange reason the pleasantly alt-y Born Anchor. I'm beginning to think that Houston is flying through time like the island from LOST and finally settled in 1997. Black Queen Speaks play at Rudyard's and it's kind of weird because I've seen the name floating around a lot lately but can tell it's a different music circle than I'm used to, and I guess I've considered Rudz as my music homebase for the past couple of years and it just seems like I've come home and everything has changed. Um, yeah, sorry about that tangent. Also going down tonight, The Cave Reverend and Avenger at Super Happy Fun Land.

FRIDAY MAY 8, 2024
There's a lot going on tonight so I'm just going to kind of breeze through this and tell you what I would do, where I in your shoes. Now if I were running the show I go to The Mink for the free show. I'd be there to see Black Black Gold (shame on Jason Puffer for not mentioning this show when we hung out last night) and The Factory Party and Springfield Riots are playing, too. If that didn't pan out I'd check out my first show at Mango's they've got When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth, Fat Tony, and Marry Me. And I guess Fat Tony is going for a two-fer, he's also playing this ginormous bash at Fitz where the highlights include thelastplaceyoulook, American Fangs, and Female Demand. If I were still all hung up in my late-nineties fix there would be The Flaming Hellcats at Rudyard's. And then SHFL is serving up their usual batch of weird with The Umoja Orchestra, Free Radicals and The Grass Skirts. Oh and don't be silly, of course I didn't forget the Dr. Know show at Walter's. Showing support are The Chop Tops (more rockabilly), Roots of Exile (a down-right good Oi! band) and The Ghost Stories (down-right weird).

There's a friggin' lot going on tonight, too, so here's another quick "what I would probably do" rundown...I'll most likely be found at Rudyard's back in my aforementioned "safety-zone" rocking the fuck out to Born Liars and Secret Prostitutes. 747 and Arcane Flowers will be there, too. And I can never resist pimping a charity event, so just know that at Super Happy Fun Land you've got the Escape Family Resource Center Fundraiser with The Electricks, Perfect Pants, Six guns, Evak1, and Lewee Regal. And if I felt like heading down to Galveston, I hit the Opera House for Chubby Checker. How awesome is that? But back in town at Mango's (it feels pretty good typing that as a regular venue) you've got Mechanical Boy, Room 101, and Dirty N Nasty. But back out a bit at Sam Houston Race Park are lovely shoe-gazers The Watermarks with Ghostland Observatory (sorry, I don't get it). Also illiciting a mixed bag of emotion for me is the show at Warehouse, but Young MC how awesome is that?

SUNDAY MAY 10, 2024
How about you just go to The Mink for Fight Pretty, FEED, and Leavers and just pretend that Buzzfest isn't happening and Korn, 311, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Papa Roach, and Hoobastank aren't in your town...among others. And well, I'd say Blue October but we're used to that and this whole mess is probably not worth it to see Toadies which alone could have been the "must-do" event of Sunday.

MONDAY MAY 11, 2024
Looks like those Born Anchor guys will be around all week, they're playing Walter's with Fake Problems and Mass of Men. So you've got to chances to find out about a band you've never heard. (I advise doing things like that, unknown bands APPRECIATE it, and other cities are all about it.) Over at the Monday night Boondocks you've got Mothertone and Mantis. And then Jet Lounge brings you Mobile Deathcamp, Last Rosary, Meanpeace and Battle Rifle.

Take a day off on Tuesday and get ready for a new week of missed opportunities.



At May 6, 2024 10:23 AM , Blogger Ramon Medina - LP4 said...

Good Gravy is that where you've been? We';d given up on you for dead or abducted by aliens.

At May 7, 2024 7:45 AM , Blogger april5k said...

I had fully intended to post from the road but wifi does little good when you get to it at 1am, running on fumes and then checkout's at 11am.


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