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 Russel Gardin


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Convivial group Babymetal from Japan shakes Metal Industry while swiftly reaching the top of the charts

By Russel Gardin
Photo by Toru Yamanaka via Billboard

Most people will tell you that music, especially metal, is a male-dominated industry. Babymetal are here to lead us to new possibilities. Japanese natives Su-metal (17), Yuimetal (16) and Moametal (16) make up this flamboyant outfit known as Babymetal. The three teenagers are currently embarked on an extensive tour of Asia and Europe, blowing the naysayers away and leaving fans wanting more. For three girls not even eighteen, that’s pretty impressive. I feel that they bring a new “mix” into metal with the “idol” influence they hold close to their hearts. Essentially creating something that shouldn’t mix, but by some slim chance, does, leaving all the old school metal heads not sure what to think.


Since the young ladies realized the long, elapsed time it took for the record to finally get released in the States, they threw in an extra bonus; scratch that, two bonuses, by adding the additional tracks “Road of Resistance“, an ode to power metal with screeching vocals comparable to Bruce Dickinson and Rob Halford. We can’t forget about the classic, “Gimme Chocolate!!”, a four minute, skull-crushing plead for the oh so sweet treat. Each time I have a listen, I come to the conclusion that “Megitsune” is my favorite track, a bone-shaking tribute to Industrial bands that have left an impact on these girls. After my first listen, it was very apparent why this group took over my social media News Feed for a few days. They made a good album that we can finally, legally enjoy. For anyone out there looking to find the next group that will definitely leave you on the edge of your seat, look no further. I cannot wait to see how these ladies progress as they get older and to see the impact that “idol metal” has done for the entire scene.


Before pressing play, I worried that these girls were in this to make a mediocre, humorous album that their friends had dared them to do from all the negative feedback I have read about, all the hate this group got on Facebook made me give this group a chance. I will be the first to admit I was wrong. After minimal research, I found out that this record has been released in Japan for quite some time now; however, it was just released here in the states earlier this month.


My first encounter with their eponymous album made me feel as if many people have not given credit to an album that deserved it. I saw myself enjoying it a little more each time I listened to it. In the car, cruising down the road, blasting a well engineered, shredding album, while the other drivers’ expressed emotions similar to shocked, as if they have finally listened to something from a different world.


All I can hope is that these girls realize what we, the fans, found so enjoyable about this record — a foreign take on a genre that I enjoy, a usual, sometimes basic genre with fast drums and melting guitars — before people begin to reference their music as the “good ol’ days” or “before they sold out” as their discography grows. As for now, these choreographed shredders are on top of their game, as their latest, sold out show at the O2 Arena proved that the fans are eager to see this group. I can’t imagine what the mosh pits at these shows are like.


When a record that sales nearly 40,000 records in Asia in the first week alone, it is hard to imagine why it took so long for this masterpiece to be released worldwide, but no complaints from me.

  • mekia

    “All I can hope is that these girls realize what we, the fans, found so enjoyable about this record — a foreign take on a genre that I enjoy”
    You should really have a look into the Japanese metal scene. It is bloody huge and dates back to the 70s(as far as i know).

  • Matt Rudd

    Su is 17, Moa and Yui are both 16. They all live in same country Japan but not Tokyo natives.

  • Apeboyman

    You got the ages wrong.
    Yui and Moa are both 16 years old.
    Also u call them all Tokyo natives???
    Suzuka is born in Hiroshima, Moa is from the Aichi prefecture.