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 David Garrick
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Second Lovers Debut New Single

Second Lovers Debut New Single
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Photo: Daniel Jackson


As we inch closer to this year’s Free Press Summer Festival, and Summer starts peeking its hot head out at us; music releases tend to start dropping like crazy.  It’s customary for the bigger acts to have releases drop around the time they start the festival circuit each year, but kind of rare for local bands to seize the same opportunities.  One of those local acts releasing new music, is Houston’s Second Lovers.  The band has literally changed its lineup more than once and they’ve released music only for thing to get altered member wise, yet; they keep soldiering on.  In the span of the last calendar year, the band has regrouped, reformed, and gone from a small act to a six piece complete with secondary vocals.


In a move that’s proof that change can be a good thing, the band decided to head to a new spot to record, Houston’s Studio 713, and tap producer John Stephens to be at the helm of their new recordings.  What’s transpired is a much leaner and cleaner band.  Going the route of many Americana acts before them like Wilco and Buxton, the band has embraced new instrumentation and approaches, which they credit to Stephens’ guiding hands.  What emerges is leaps and bounds in technique since the band’s last recording, 2024’s “New Mexico,” they take a more rock n’ roll approach.  Couple that with delightful vocals from new member Chelsea Renee; and a more immediate method, and what you’re left with is an entirely new sound.


The song, titled “Hold On,” exclusively found here; finds the band at a place that feels more permanent and fruitful.  While the heavy country influenced instrumentation is still present, the group finds a way to add distorted guitars and an energy like they haven’t had since their 2024 debut album.  That energy should be all over the band’s current album, in which they’ve been working tirelessly to complete.
Until then, you can catch Second Lovers when they perform at the Neptune stage on Saturday June 6th, at this year’s Free Press Summer Fest.  They’re easily one of those acts that makes an audience want to get down and dance, and with their set time at noon; they should also make you realize why they lead the pack in amazing Houston artists.