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Yob / Witch Mountain / Project Armageddon

Yob / Witch Mountain / Project Armageddon
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By Son of the Morning

March 31st @ Walters

If you into slow heavy music, Yob is almost a bi-word among heshers in the underground metal scene. They have the heaviest riffs, longest songs, a ton of records and have been playing doom way longer than everyone than all the bands that have recently jumped on the slow and heavy bandwagon. I remember hearing Mike Scheidt say they were playing before the doom trend and they will be playing after its over. Regardless they are exactly what you want from them live. Don’t miss out on this, they rarely come down here. They’re newest record “Clearing the Path to Ascend” is one of they’re best. Also on the bill is Witch Mountain from Portland. They are a female fronted doom band thats a little more rock based and as far as I know has never played Houston before. Opening up the evening are locals Project Armageddon.

The are working on their new record, help support them on indiegogo.