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Back To Houston: Kyle Hubbard Debuts New Track

Back To Houston: Kyle Hubbard Debuts New Track
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Photo: Paul Davis


I don’t think anyone who hasn’t written a song, toured the country in a small beater van, or who hasn’t attempted to record something, realizes how hard it is to be a musician or artist.  To me, when someone says, “I’m done,” I get it because I’ve been there and done that.  In today’s music climate, it’s so much more understandable.  The internet has given a voice to many who wouldn’t have had it before, while giving so many that outlet that getting  heard in all of that chatter is almost  near impossible.  So, back in 2024 when Houston’s beloved rapper Kyle Hubbard hung up his mic and moved to Arkansas, I got it.  Though he was going through writer’s block, still…being  an artist even with love from every corner is still difficult to keep going at times.  Then, out of left field he dropped a single with Truck North earlier this year as a way to show that the writer’s block had ended, and a new Hubbard was coming back.


Then, about three months ago, Hubbard would tell me that he’d begun work on his next release.  That release, the now titled ”Majestic Hotel,” has been on repeat at my house since I received it and it’s a doozy of an album.  The fully fleshed out ideas, the  rhyme skills, and the true mc prowess that Hubbard had when he retired is back with a full force.  However this time, he’s stronger, older, wiser, and definitely more of a Kyle Hubbard 2.0 than he was back in 2024.  The Hubbard on this release has more firepower while keeping  that signature Kyle Hubbard sound intact.  


Over the weekend, FPH was happy to hear that Hubbard had finished the mixing and mastering, and was ready to drop the first single, “Going Back To Houston (feat. Bateau),” and even better; he wanted us to debut it.  The song, starting with a dope sample and fresh female vocals at the start shows how Hubbard has grown  before his signature vocals come in with the same power that you’ve become used to.  The fifth track of the album’s seven, it’s quickly obvious that Hubbard overcame his writer’s block.  The lyrics cover his past and present times as a rapper trying to find his way in an ever changing world, and overly crowded rap scene.  The track, available only here, just proves how you can’t keep a good act down, and that good rappers don’t ever stay silent for long.
You can hear this song and the  bulk of “Majestic Hotel” live at The Nightingale Room, when Hubbard perms there on Thursday August  27th with Def Perception.  The tentative release date for the album, the first through Houston’s Roologic Records, is set for September 14th.

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    So good. I’m glad he’s back.