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How To Recover From FPSF

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Photograph and article by Laura Coburn

Take a shower. Unless Iggy himself touched your shirt, wash it.

And once you’ve cleaned up, it is time to begin mental and physical detox.

Sleep in.

Go to breakfast- swing by Christy’s Doughnuts if you just want something quick and cheap, just in time to crawl back into bed. If you’re feeling more adventurous, head over to Buffalo Grille for some pancakes.

After breakfast, and perhaps a bit more sleep, find your closest pool, whip out that sweaty swimsuit you haven’t touched since FPSF, and find a peaceful spot to lay out your still-grassy (but hopefully not too muddy) towel. Be sure to have some watermelon and H2O nearby to keep your taste buds happy and hydrated.

As for lunch, head over to a Montrose favorite, Café Brasil. A fruity smoothie with a freshly grilled Panini will hit the spot. Don’t forget to bring a little bit of work with you— hate to be the FPSF-pooper but it is back to reality and you may need to get back into work zone.

After your lunch swing that messenger bag over your tanned shoulders and cross the street. You will arrive at Agora, the home of the hipsters and the best place to transition from relaxation to real life.

As you are waiting for your spiced coffee because, yes, you are still tired, scan the grounds for some fellow festival-goers. Yes, you know what they look like- dead yet uplifted, just like you! Walk on over to the juke box and pick out your favorite song from the FPSF weekend. If you couldn’t identify fellow FPSFers a moment ago, this is another technique (they’ll all start jamming along).

Your coffee is ready- now get to work. Finish half of your work, and then take a break by signing into your Instagram account. Be sure to pick the trendiest filters for your candid shot of Macklemore holding up the crowd-surfed fur coat. The black and white Inkwell filter is always a classic.

Then, get back to work. Only take breaks to doodle little cartoon drawings of your FPSF fantasy of being the third wheel on stage with Matt and Kim. Think of your own creative saves in the event that you, too, inadvertently call Houston…”Dallas.”

When you have officially gone through work zone and begin checking out, it is time to depart and grab dinner. A food truck will do. Behind Whole Foods, only a few streets away, are food trucks galore!  Now that FPSF has gotten you in the mood for food hoppin’, no reason to stop! Taste it all!

After your stomach is as packed as the crowd at Calvin Harris, you may want to return home, change your clothes, and put on your new festival-inspired fashion.

Google “Fitzgerald’s” to find out what is going on, because there is always a great show and you know that if you are still reading this, you probably went to FPSF, and you definitely love music.

Dance. Dance. Dance. Drink if you’re 21. Dance.


As for tomorrow, no transitions. Just back to reality!