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Sunday , 13 January 2013
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Free, Safe, and Sober Rides Available for NYE– A No Refusal Night

You have been told a million times, and I’ll tell you again: New Year’s Eve is a dangerous night for being out and about on the streets. Considering tonight is a No Refusal night in many towns, we need to take extra steps to not get behind the wheel after drinking. Here are a few ways of finding a FREE!!, safe, sober ride home tonight while still being able to get a little crazy. You can also always ask a friend or family member to be your D.D. (Designated Driver) or P.A.S.S. (Person Appointed to Stay Sober), as I think they’re calling ... Read More »

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Finally! Something to Do in Cypress!

If you were as close to giving up on Cypress as I was, you are probably eagerly reading this and desperately waiting for me to get to the point. A new movie theater is opening up in Cypress! Are you still excited? You should be. It’s an Alamo Drafthouse, and Houston needs a lot more of those (how about that proposed midtown location?). Currently, the only other A.D. location in Houston is actually in Katy, off Mason Road. The self dubbed “Coolest Movie Theater in the World” has everything even the most casual movie-goer could want, from all the things ... Read More »

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DiverseWorks Announces Exciting New Installations and Performances for 2013

DiverseWorks– a non-profit art center dedicated to presenting new visual, performing, and literary art– announces exciting, upcoming events in store for 2013. Tony Feher, Liz Magic Laser, and Nora Chipaumire are among the artists featured in the first few months of the new year. Tony Feher: Free Fall (Jan. 19 - March 16, 2013; Opening Reception: Fri., Jan. 18, 7-9pm) Currently living in New York, native Houstonian artist Tony Feher, is known for his playfully dramatic abstract, minimalist sculptures and installations formed of consumer products. Feher’s project at DiverseWorks is an interactive, performative installation that combines music, dance, and sculpture. Feher worked ... Read More »

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“Here We Go (Houston Texans Anthem)” - Teddy Rose & Bun B feat. Bobby Lamar

  A couple of losses doesn’t mean our Texans aren’t still one of the finest teams around. Here’s a little audio goodness from Teddy Rose and Bun B featuring Bobby Lamar. Click the link below to have a listen! Here We Go (Houston Texans Anthem)   Read More »

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An Artist Talks The Progress of Love

It is a theme so oft-repeated as to either cause eye-rolls or nausea depending on your level of exasperation and how often you’ve seen (and enjoyed) The Notebook. Nevertheless, love (or, “Love,” if you’re really eager) is a concept artists and musicians return to time and time again in various formats and forms, with success depending largely on the approach and originality given to the subject matter. In this, The Menil Collection’s exhibition “The Progress of Love,” is, if retreading old ground, still an intriguing analysis of the evolution of the most-talked-about emotion the world over. It’s meta in a way, instead ... Read More »

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FFW – The Free Press Music Preview for December 27 – 31, 2012

This Week’s Featured Show Monday, December 31 Free Press Houston New Year’s For-Eve-R Cataclysm, featuring Robert Ellis Buxton B L A C K I E Infinite Apaches Deep Cuts Bombon DJs Alex, Bobby Pancho Nick Greer and the G’s @ Fitzgerald’s Well folks, here we are at the end of another year and what a nice way to kick 2012 to the curb and welcome in 2013.  Just look at that line-up! Robert Ellis is one of Houston’s most celebrated artists and with a talent that just seems effortless regardless of whether it be his solo work or as part of ... Read More »

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In Memoriam: NEKST, Houston-Based World-Renowned Graffiti Artist

Free Press Houston was saddened to learn of the passing of NEKST, one of Houston’s more well known artists and a prolific graffiti writer worldwide. His work has appeared across the map, from Australia to Los Angeles, and is defined by its savage style, brash use of color, and sheer bravado of the high-profile spots he chose to tag. To celebrate his life we scoured the internet for remembrances of the artist. To get a full scope of NEKST’s art, Juxtapoz has put together 100 photos documenting his work, and there’s an ripnekst tag on Instagram with dedications for the ... Read More »

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Andy Fickman gives guidance

“I’m a product of my environment,” Andy Fickman tells Free Press Houston in a phone interview. Fickman relates how he hung out at the AMC Town & Country cinema as a teen. “I saw Jaws and Star Wars at the Galleria theatre.” Of course both of those ‘70s era movie house are gone, replaced by stadium style cinemas. (I’m hard pressed to think of a movie theater that exists inside the loop besides the River Oaks Three that’s predates 1997.) While Fickman may not be a household name he’s the legitimate poster child of a Houston kid who made it ... Read More »

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Doc on The Replacements

For your holiday viewing pleasure, the rock documentary Color Me Obsessed: A Film About The Replacements Read More »

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New this week

The Guilt Trip has two really good scenes, both of which occur as the penultimate moment and the concluding scene. The thing is the rest of the film feels reverse engineered with a bunch of scenes to lead up to those concluding moments but the build-up just lies there. It’s a hackneyed effort top lining Seth Rogen and Barbra Streisand, both of whom seem to be dong their shtick (doting Jewish mother and cynical son/best friend) rather than investing into full-blown characterizations. Mom and son take a road trip from the East Coast to San Francisco as a bonding experience ... Read More »

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