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Wednesday , 23 January 2024
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D.M. Allison Art Presents Wanda Alexander and Chris Hedrick

Art making is a process. A kind of development humans consider their natural right to control. So art resists us. Art stares up at us from a blank canvas or page, from the noiseless ivory rectangles of pianos, from the shapeless lump of clay sitting in the pottery wheel, from the empty seats in the auditorium-muted, deaf, blind. No matter how much we kick art in the shin, pound our fist into its chest, call it foul names, pull its chair out from underneath it, and cry and cry and cry, art, often, refuses to budge. But sometimes art cooperates as if it wanted to help ... Read More »

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A Campy Vision Takes You to Some Dark Places in Notes from the Dark Ride

Local artist Jon Read has created a comical, beautiful, twisted and colorful ride for all, on view at Domy books. The exhibition titled Notes from the Dark Ride takes the viewer through the paintings in a self-powered cart. The experience is like a more entertaining and completely endurable version of the Disney ride, “It’s a small world.” Notes from the Dark Ride includes art and music in a well-constructed installation, which reflects the many facets of Jon Read. Read is obsessed with comic books, cult films, sci-fi and mythology/religion. He has received formal training in religious art through his work ... Read More »

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Holiday Mini-mART Party

The difficulty with supporting local artists in a real way is not having an extra fat wad of cash to purchase their work. The Art League of Houston understands our dilemma and has organized the first ever Holiday Mini-mART & Party. With food, drinks, DJs and art you can actually afford, it’s a win-win for everyone. The ALH building on 1953 Montrose Blvd will be hosting the event on Saturday, December 15th from 6 pm to 9 pm.  The Mini-mART offers a variety of pieces by local artists, all for under $100. Besides the showcased art, this free event will ... Read More »

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Coming Together: The Music of Frederic Rzewski

By: Amanda Hart The Station Museum of Contemporary Arts presents: Liminal Space Contemporary Music Ensemble. Liminal Space is presenting a program of works by American expatriate composer Frederic Rzewski, featuring the politically-charged minimalist masterpieces Coming Together and Attica, inspired by found text related to the 1971 Attica State Prison riot. Liminal Space is: George Heathco, electric guitar and Luke Hubley, marimba and percussion with Special Guest Misha Penton, speaker Liminal Space seeks to develop and present a contemporary alternative within the Houston community, and to serve as a bridge to connect those on the fringe, distanced by the boundaries of genre and style. ... Read More »

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Tony Feher

Artists have a way of taking lackluster, commonplace things and turning them into gallant masterpieces. In creative hands limited spaces become endless, small ideas inflate into ingeniously crafted concepts,  and the indifferent become the impassioned. This interest in turning over useless, inanimate scraps of household waste has consumed much of sculptor, Toney Feher’s, artistic energies. UH’s Blaffer Art Museum exposition of sculptor Tony Feher currently awaits local art devotees. The exposition, started October 13th and ending March 31st, showcases a 20-year collection of Feher’s sculptures. The materials that comprise Feher’s work are the kind of stuff, again-stuff- you might nag your roommate’s about disposing ... Read More »

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Photographer Ben Tecumseh DeSoto: Understanding Poverty Exhibit at Nave Museum

By: Erin Dyer Poverty is present when someone lacks the means to satisfy their basic needs. Sadly, poverty itself is seen all too often walking down the streets of Houston. I see the same two or three homeless people on my daily route from home to work, and back again. The struggles and hardships that these people face every day are unreal. Native Houstonian Photographer Ben Tecumseh DeSoto has created a beautiful photographic exhibit that consists of a collection of photos that allow a closer view inside the daily lives of homeless and poverty stricken people all around Houston. The ... Read More »

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