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Wednesday , 23 January 2013
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Interview: John Pluecker

Houston is well-known for experimental music/noise and risk-taking performance art, but the literary landscape is rather safe, tepid, and bland. Poet / translator / interpreter / educator / collaborator / organizer / interdisciplinary artist John Pluecker is trying to change that. Read More »

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Editorial: Unfairly Balanced

Leon casino, In the wake of last week's election, there has been much gloating and vindication over the deceitful speciousness of right-wing media. What this glosses over, though, is that most US media are corporate-controlled and designed to deliver eyeballs to advertisers--they are not designed to inject deep and complex truths into the national discourse. Read More »

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Poets on Politricks

You know what the politicians say (what their focus groups tell them you want to hear), you know what the pundits say (whatever will get them more ratings), and you know what the comics say (whatever will get them a cheap laugh)--now come hear the poets. Read More »

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by Harbeer Sandhu Illustration by Blake Jones By framing the Oak Creek massacre as an isolated incident, we delude ourselves into thinking of it as a randomized event carried out by a troubled individual. However, if we place the gurdwara shooting within its broader context, we can clearly see that it fits a troubling pattern of hate and bigotry within this country. - Simran Jeet Singh, as quoted in the Huffington Post on 8/17/12 We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children. - “The 14 Words” credo favored by white supremacists I don’t mean ... Read More »

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Here is one Houston-related goof on Apple Maps, which is going to need some debugging before it ever catches on. This comes to us via a tumblr called “The Amazing iOS6 Maps,” which adds the caption: “Downtown Houston’s newest filling stations on the skyline rooftops! (Those are corporate headquarters, not gas stations).” My question is:  What kind of tires are we going to need for the FPSF van to access these fine new filling stations? Read More »

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“Caravan for Peace With Justice and Dignity” Stops in Houston

"The 'Drug War' kills more people than drugs themselves." - Tony Payan, Ph.D., Baker Institute (Rice University) Scholar for Immigration and Border Studies Read More »

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[public?] SPACE CITY

We are not lacking in millionaire-donated hospital pavilions and art museums, but in those gestures that would help bring the city itself together as a work of art. - Phillip Lopate, “Pursuing the Unicorn: Public Space in Houston,” CITE magazine, Winter 1984 Read More »

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Heading home last night, I had to pull over and see why the Chick-Fil-A parking lot was full of tents. Was this the new location for Occupy Houston? Were people protesting Chick-Fil-A’s support of right-wing social issues like the fight against gay marriage? No, as it turns out-100 people were camped out in the Chick-Fil-A parking for 24 full hours in anticipation of the grand opening of their new location! So I got out of the car to take some photos and talk to folks. It was about 1 am, so a lot of people could be heard giggling in ... Read More »

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This is the fourth FPH Librotraficante road report.  For background, check out my previous articles: Books Are A Gateway Drug, Remember the Alamo, Revenge of the Nerds and Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso.  This picks up where the last post left off. Following a late night at the hotel bar with painter Cesar Martinez, photographer Diana Molina, and bloggers Michael Sedano of La Bloga and Jesus Trevino of Latinopia, we are off again.  Leaving El Paso, we are treated to a view of the border wall. The Rio Grande/Rio Bravo is little more than a dry ... Read More »

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Out in the West Texas Town of El Paso: Librotraficante Road Report #3

This is the third Free Press Houston Librotraficante embedded road report. For background, check out my previous articles: Books Are A Gateway Drug, Remember the Alamo, and Revenge of the Nerds. This picks up where the last post left off. Forget your iPads and your Kindles, books are making a comeback!  Have you seen this sexy new video from B*tches in Bookshops, yet? Photo by Paolo Mossetti By now you must have heard about Arizona’s ignorant ban on ethnic studies.  It’s a cynical ploy to win votes by opportunistic politicians who are banning classes they have not even checked in ... Read More »

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